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News From the Center

By Dan Ehresman

The year’s end and the new year’s beginning is an important time at the Northcoast Environmental Center in assessing the past, taking stock of what we have and setting a path for the days ahead. During this time of reflection and planning, one tool greatly helped in our assessment: the NEC Questionnaire that was sent out with our end-of-2014 letter. Thanks to everyone who provided such an invaluable response! Much of the feedback affirmed the work we are currently engaged in, but there were some surprises as well.

In the most popular part of the survey, respondents rated issues they felt were most important for the NEC to engage on.




2014 Year in Review

By Dan Ehresman

2014 has indeed been a big year for the NEC—and looking at where we were one year ago compared to where we are today, it is pretty inspiring. Throughout the year, our growing team has provided environmental education to hundreds of youth in our region’s schools; engaged over 1,000 community members in cleaning up our waterways and coast; rallied for intact ecosystems, healthy communities, and climate action in our neighborhoods, media and halls of government; and we’ve celebrated all species and the biosphere upon which we depend through art, music and direct action. The year has shown the immense power of working together—and together we can create the change we need to see us through the many challenges we are facing.




Polar Bear Behind Bars: Representing the North Coast at the People's Climate March

By Peter Galvin, Center for Biological Diversity

In late September, I was lucky enough to be able to travel from the North Coast to New York City to attend the People's Climate March. The goal was to make a strong showing before world leaders who were gathered in the city to discuss global warming action at the United Nations climate summit.

Protesters from across the country gathered to press President Barack Obama and other leaders for specific, binding commitments to make the ambitious cuts to carbon pollution we need to preserve a livable planet.




Kin to the Earth: Naomi Klein 

By Morgan Corviday

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, Klein’s new book published in September, is described in a New York Times review as bringing together “the science, psychology, geopolitics, economics, ethics and activism that shape the climate question. The result is the most momentous and contentious environmental book since Silent Spring

“When its full economic and moral implications are understood, [climate change] is the most powerful weapon progressives have ever had in the fight for equality and social justice,” Klein states. This is our big chance, she argues, to change everything.

“Climate change,” she adds, is “not an ‘issue’ for you to add to the list of things to worry about it. It is a civilizational wake up call.”



UN Climate Report: A Dire Warning to International Community

By Larry Goldberg

Global climate change is set to inflict “severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts” on people and the natural world unless carbon emissions are cut sharply and rapidly, according to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC ) in it’s most important assessment of global warming to date, published on November 9. The report also makes clear that carbon emissions, primarily from burning coal, oil and gas, are currently rising to record levels, not falling.

According to the stark report, climate change has already increased the risk of extreme weather, severe heatwaves, and drought and warns of worse to come—including food shortages and violent conflicts. The report also found, however, that ways to avoid dangerous global warming are both available and affordable.




Mendocino Passes First Rights-Based Fracking Ban in California

By Ben Price, National Organizing Director, Community Environmental Defense Fund

On November 4, Mendocino County residents adopted the first-in-the-state Community Bill of Rights law banning fracking by a vote of 67 percent. The initiative was brought forward by residents in partnership with San Francisco-based Global Exchange.

The Mendocino County Community Bill of Rights Fracking and Water Use Initiative, on the ballot as Measure S, establishes the rights of the people of Mendocino County to a healthy environment, including clean air and water, and the rights of ecosystems to exist and flourish. The measure also secures the rights of residents to local self-governance. Fracking is banned as a violation of those rights.







Ocean Night - February 7

The second Ocean Night of the year will feature Divide in Concord, a feature-length documentary that follows the entertaining tale of banning bottled water in small town America.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. at the Arcata Theatre Lounge, 1036 G Street, Arcata. Ocean Night is a monthly, all-ages event sponsored by Surfrider Humboldt, Northcoast Environmental Center, and Humboldt Baykeeper.


First Annual Tim McKay Birdathon!

This May, have fun looking for birds while raising money! In memory of Tim McKay, longtime director of the NEC, our Birdathon will benefit both the NEC and Redwood Region Audubon Society.

Register as an individual or as a team, and gather pledges based on the number of birds you find in 24 hours. You can participate from anywhere in the world! Prizes will be awarded for the most donations collected.

The Birdathon will take place during the week of May 1 - May 9.

Click here for more information and to download pledge forms


Humboldt Recycling Contract Moves to Front Burner

By Zero Waste Humboldt

The Humboldt Waste Management Authority’s recycling contract signed in 2011 with Solid Waste of Willits, the out-of-area company that beat out the now defunct Arcata Community Recycling Center for the contract, expires in 2016. The HWMA has initiated a Request For Proposals (RFP) process to culminate in a final RFP release approximately July 2015 and a contract award in the fall 2015. 

It is imperative that HWMA gets this right.
Your input will be most effective if received by mid-January 2015.



New NEC T-shirts and Hoodies!

Finally! We have some great new t-shirts and hoodies for sale with a vintage NEC design. The illustration features trillium, ferns, redwood leaves, an osprey, a sperm whale, a wolverine, a wolf and crashing waves. Short-sleeved Ts, long-sleeved Ts, girl-cut Ts, and a couple of women's hoodies.

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