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Kin to the Earth: Berta Cáceres

By Jennifer Kalt

On March 2, Berta Cáceres, a Honduran human rights and environmental activist who led the struggle to protect the Gualcarque River from a proposed dam, was assassinated after years of death threats and intimidation. These threats had escalated in recent weeks since construction of the dam had restarted. Security forces detained more than one hundred people who took part in a peaceful protest on February 20.




Good News and Bad News about New Dioxin Data

By Jennifer Kalt

Since Baykeeper’s 2006 success in getting Humboldt Bay designated as impaired by dioxin, sampling for this long-lasting contaminant has become common for dredging, restoration, and development projects. New data has been collected through various projects and studies around the bay, but with the state’s restoration plan (the “TMDL”) scheduled for 2019, there remains a need for additional sampling to identify the extent of dioxin contamination, particularly in areas that may be continuing to pollute Humboldt Bay.




Highest Protection Slated for Spectacular Smith River
 Smith River - vertical - Martin SwettSmith River - vertical - Martin Swett

By Cynthia Elkins, Center for Biological Diversity

Protections for the iconic Smith River are set to take a huge leap forward under a proposal to designate it as an “outstanding national resource water,” an action that would mark the first for any California river and bring the strongest protections afforded under the Clean Water Act.  The historical move enacts not only meaningful protections for the beloved Smith, but it is also jump-starting the long overdue process of designating other deserving North Coast watersheds.




Share your memories of Lucille and Susie














We at NEC understand that no one person or group could cover all the important, passionate work Lucille Vinyard and Susie Van Kirk did for our community and for our earth. We were fortunate to work with them. We know many of our friends and readers have stories to share about these two women and we invite you to share those with us. We will put as much of them on our website in upcoming months as possible.

If you would like to share some stories, please mail them to NEC Board Vice-President Dan Sealy at

The more concise your memories and tributes are, the more likely we can make everything available on the NEC website. We will also be archiving all tributes for future reference and research.  

Thank you ~ the NEC Board






Second Annual
Tim McKay Birdathon
April 30 - May 8


Starts this Saturday!

The Northcoast Environmental Center (NEC) and the Redwood Region Audubon Society (RRAS) are again teaming up to sponsor the Tim McKay Memorial Birdathon! Tim McKay was the longtime director of the NEC. The Birdathon will benefit the NEC and RRAS equally.

The 2016 Tim McKay Birdathon will be held during the week of April 30 - May 8 to allow groups or individuals the freedom of picking any 24 hour period to participate.




New Klamath Deal Announced!


Great news! On Wednesday, April 6, supporters of undamming the Klamath celebrated a milestone in #Klamath River conservation! After years of litigation, advocacy, negotiation, and waiting for Congress, the revised dam removal agreement can achieve dam removal by 2020 despite ideological roadblocks created by House Republicans. The agreement uses the existing authority of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and is supported by California, Oregon, Federal Agencies, the Karuk Tribe, the Yurok Tribe, and dam-owner PacifiCorp among others. #UnDamtheKlamath

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