Public Lands Day September 30




Celebrating All Species Since 1979

By Anne Maher and Morgan Corviday

The NEC’s All Species Parade is a fun family-friendly event at the annual North Country Fair in which people of all ages dress as their favorite animal, plant or other creature and march and dance around the Arcata Plaza. While many have participated in the All Species Parade over the years, few know its origins. Some digging will reveal that the Parade first made an appearance at the North Country Fair in 1979. 

A flyer advertising this first parade explained, “What is Multi-Species Day? More than a parade, more than a costume ball. A time to celebrate the ties between all the species. A time to celebrate the planet.”



Coastal Cleanup Day - Saturday, Sept. 16

By Madison Peters

This year will mark the 38th anniversary of the Northcoast Environmental Center’s Coastal Cleanup Day (CCD). As many of our readers already know, Coastal Cleanup Day got its humble beginnings right here in Humboldt County as a program of the NEC in the late 1970s. With the help of the California Coastal Commission and the Ocean Conservancy it has since grown to be the largest volunteering event centered on the care of the environment in California and across the world.

The Northcoast Environmental Center will again organize cleanups at more than 60 sites throughout Humboldt County with hopes to double participation and clean up even more trash off our beaches. 




Kin to the Earth: Sharon Duggan

By Tom Wheeler

California’s forest practice rules—often described as the most protective in the nation—largely stem from one woman: Sharon Duggan. Sharon is a one-woman force-of-nature, a potent combination of caring and cunning. For 35 years, Sharon has provided legal muscle to help individuals and grassroots organizations challenge the status quo and preserve our North Coast. She is a true Kin to the Earth. 




Call Like a Pro: Easy tips to make your advocacy more effective

By Elizabeth Connor

A phone is a powerful tool, if wielded effectively. To maximize your impact, follow these tips, courtesy of Elizabeth Conner, former legislative staff for Boston City Council, lobbyist for Massachusetts Tenants Organization, and Arcata City Council Member. In light of recent national events, Elizabeth decided to write up these tips to encourage and make it easier for others to pick up the phone and tell elected officials how they want them to vote.






Endangered Art Show

The NEC wants to help you tell Washington D.C. why the Endangered Species Act matters, though art! 

This year at the North Country Fair, an Endangered Art Show will be on display at the NEC's booth! Art will feature U.S. endangered species, and copies of the art pieces will be mailed to President Trump after the event. Be sure to come by the NEC booth and check it out!

Want to participate?

Submit your art to the NEC for the Endangered Art Show and have it displayed online and at the North Country Fair. Artists can choose to donate their art or pick it up after the North Country Fair. Donated art will be entered into a silent auction that will help cover postage costs for mailing to President Trump, and other NEC programs. 




All Species Parade -
Saturday Sept. 16!

Join the NEC for this year's All Species Parade! This year, the parade wil be on Saturday, September 16 during the North Country Fair; the same day as Coastal Cleanup Day! Come out and help the NEC celebrate all species. 

To participate in this year's parade, meet in the Tri-Counties bank parking lot at 12:30pm on Saturday, September 16. Bring a costume, mask, make-up, sign, banner, or some other way to celebrate! Bring friends, family, or co-workers! If you are part of a group, it could be fun to all dress as the same or similar species to represent your organization or group.

NEC staff will be present to help everyone organize and at 1pm will lead the parade in a march around the Arcata Plaza!

Three mask and costume making art party workshops will be held to help you get ready for the Parade!

Saturday, Aug. 26, 1-4pm (Sponsored by 350 Humboldt)

Wednesday, Aug. 30, 6-9pm (Sponsored by 350 Humboldt)

Friday, Sept. 8, 6-9pm (Sponsored by the NEC)

All workshops will be held at the Sanctuary, 1301 J St, Arcata