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Bringing California Condors Back to Humboldt Skies

California condor: Photo: Gavin Emmons, National Park Service (NPS)California condor: Photo: Gavin Emmons, National Park Service (NPS)

By Dan Sealy

The Yurok people believe the world is out of balance. Human beings have tilted it out of balance by misusing our resources and through lack of respect for one another.  Condors soar into the sky carrying prayers on their wings. Returning the condor toward our skies is a step to bringing balance. 




Applications Filed to Remove Klamath Dams

Press Release: On Friday, September 23, PacifiCorp and the newly formed non-profit Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC), filed motions with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that seek to transfer the lower four Klamath dams to the KRRC for the purpose of decommissioning and removal. “Today we reached yet another milestone along the path to restoring the Klamath River,” said Karuk Councilman Joshua Saxon.




Historic Gathering of Native Tribes to Protest Pipeline

By Morgan Corviday

On the open plains of South Dakota, a rumbling can be heard across the waves of golden grass. But it is not the thunder of pounding buffalo hooves, as would have been heard hundreds of years ago. Today, it is the growl of bulldozers and the beating of sacred drums that echo across the land.




Proposition 64 Would Legalize Cannabis—But at What Cost?

By Tom Wheeler

Californians will be asked this November whether or not to legalize the use of cannabis. Multiple initiatives for legalization had been proposed for the 2016 ballot, but only Proposition 64 qualified. Much has been written about the social costs of prohibition, and while the legalization of cannabis may be a step forward for civil rights, the environmental protections—or lack thereof—are concerning.




Kin to the Earth: Dave Feral

By Neal Latt

Dave began Mad River Alliance (MRA) around 2012 after living astride the river watershed in Blue Lake (“BlueCata”) for ten-odd years on small acreage and seeing firsthand the issues the river faced. His love and intimate association with the outdoors motivated his desire to act. 




Hiking Into Headwaters: A Celebratory Return for Activists

By Rob DiPerna

On a recent Saturday, seventeen-and-a-half years after the Headwaters Forest Reserve was established as a part of the BLM National Conservation Lands system, 30 years after protests began, and 20 years after the big ‘96 rally, I had the distinct honor of guiding a group of individuals who had spearheaded the Campaign to Save Headwaters Forest from 1986-1999 and fought hard to save this place from the saw and bulldozer, back into the forest. 






Welcome Bella Waters!
We have big news at the NEC this month. We’ve taken what I predict is a big step forward and have hired an Administrative/Development Director. We’re very excited about the candidate we selected—Bella Waters!
Please come by the NEC to welcome Bella to our team!




NEC Leadership Honored by Humboldt Dems
The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee is proud to announce that it will be honoring environmental and community activists Chris Beresford and Larry Glass at the 32nd annual Democrat of the Year dinner on October 14, 2016 at the River Lodge in Fortuna.




Kin to the Earth: Diane Beck
Long time local environmental activist Diane Beck passed away on September 6. She was featured as our Kin to the Earth in the Aug/Sep 2016 issue of EcoNews.




New Klamath Deal Announced!


Great news! On Wednesday, April 6, supporters of undamming the Klamath celebrated a milestone in #Klamath River conservation! After years of litigation, advocacy, negotiation, and waiting for Congress, the revised dam removal agreement can achieve dam removal by 2020 despite ideological roadblocks created by House Republicans. The agreement uses the existing authority of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and is supported by California, Oregon, Federal Agencies, the Karuk Tribe, the Yurok Tribe, and dam-owner PacifiCorp among others. #UnDamtheKlamath

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Share your memories of Lucille and Susie


We at NEC understand that no one person or group could cover all the important, passionate work Lucille Vinyard and Susie Van Kirk did for our community and for our earth. We were fortunate to work with them. We know many of our friends and readers have stories to share about these two women and we invite you to share those with us. We will put as much of them on our website in upcoming months as possible.

If you would like to share some stories, please mail them to NEC Board Vice-President Dan Sealy at

The more concise your memories and tributes are, the more likely we can make everything available on the NEC website. We will also be archiving all tributes for future reference and research.  

Thank you ~ the NEC Board