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News From the Center

By Dan Ehresman

It takes little more than a glance at the news or a step outside to understand we are facing a time of serious change, both locally and globally—some for the better, some for the worse. In line with the hope that spring brings, we’ll start with some of the positive changes and good news within our bioregion.

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Celebrating Wilderness: 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the federal Wilderness Act and the 30th Anniversary of the California Wilderness Act. The 1964 Wilderness Act created the framework of our National Wilderness Preservation System which now comprises 110 million acres from coast to coast. This includes lands designated under California’s Wilderness Act such as the Trinity Alps and Siskiyou Wilderness Areas for which the NEC and many other organizations and individuals helped to fight for. In this issue of EcoNews, we highlight four of Northern California’s cherished wilderness areas: the Trinities, the King Range, Yolla Bolly, and the Siskiyous.




Shore Lines: Coastal Programs Update

By Jennifer Savage

Our “Clean Beaches, Healthy Communities” program is a multi-part effort to educate about  watershed health, marine debris and sea level rise. Coastal Education Specialist Justin Zakoren will be a critical part of the program’s success by leading activities in classrooms and on the beach to teach about issues affecting our local coast and waterways. Jasmin Segura is our new “Humboldt Bay Explorations” coordinator. A key component of connecting people with Humboldt Bay involves spending time on and around the water. We will be working with the Humboldt Bay Harbor District and HSU’s Aquatic Center to offer both motorized and self-propelled boating options from May through October.




Yurok Tribe Signs Agreement to Bring California Condors Back to the North Coast

By Matt Mais

The Yurok Tribe recently signed an agreement making it possible to release California Condors back to the center of the endangered species’ historical range. 

“Prey-go-neesh (California condor) is one of our most sacred animals,” said Yurok Tribe Chairman Thomas P. O’Rourke Sr. “We are working very hard to bring Prey-go-neesh back to our region.”




New Organization to Champion Healthy Ecosystems in Local Politics

By Hezekiah Allen

Humboldt County has a wealth of conservation, restoration and environmental protection organizations. Creating a new organization is challenging, but those challenges are magnified in Humboldt County’s environmental movement—where finite resources are already spread painfully thin. However, over recent years there has been an undeniable and alarming shift away from conservation, sustainability, and environmental protection in local politics. With so many strong and effective non-profit organizations focused on environmental issues, it is counterintuitive that local governments should so poorly reflect our values.






Help Build a Sea Creature from Beach Trash!

Join the Northcoast Environmental Center and SCRAP Humboldt to build a (Re)Debris creature sculpture made from marine debris gathered from beach cleanups! The creature will be used to educate our community about the harms of plastics and other pollution to sea creatures in our oceans.



Coastal Cleanup Day is September 20!

Coastal Cleanup Day 2014 is fast approaching! 
Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 20 
from 9:00am to Noon.
This year marks the 30th anniversary of California Coastal Cleanup Day—and for Humboldt County beach cleaner-uppers, this will be our 35th year!



Explore the Bay with Humboldt Baykeeper

Interested in exploring Humboldt Bay while paddling a kayak or from the more leisurely deck of a motorized boat? Baykeeper has partnered with the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center and the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District to offer monthly bilingual tours covering a variety of topics on Humboldt Bay.



UPDATE: California Panel Votes to List Gray Wolves as Endangered

The gray wolf was listed as Endangered under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA) today, June 4, 2014!



Wandering Wolf OR7 has pups!

In other exciting wolf news, OR7, the lone wolf that captivated the hearts and imaginations of wildlife-loving Californians by wandering multiple times across the Oregon/California border over the last several years, appears to have finally found a mate and has been confirmed to have at least two pups!

OR7, aka Journey, has been spending time in the vicinity of a female wolf in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in southwestern Oregon, and tracking data indicate the two have denned there.

Read more from the Statesmans Journal here:Wolf OR7 has pups in Siskiyou National Forest

Read more in an article by Chris Clarke of KCET's ReWild here: California's Part-time Wolf may be a Proud Papa


Breaking News for Trails!
As we were finalizing the pages for EcoNews print on May 19, the Board of Supervisors voted to re-insert support for a regional trails system into the County’s General Plan Update! This grand reversal of the HumCPR-dominated Planning Commission’s decision is most welcome news and it would not have happened without the countless members of the public who rallied in support of a trail network throughout the North Coast! Many thanks to everyone supporting local trails!