The All Species Parade

Saturday, September 15 on the Arcata Plaza

at the 45th Annual North Country Fair

Thank you to all who came out for this year's parade and celebrating all species with us! Click here to read more about the 2017 parade, and click here for our Flickr photo gallery



The All Species Parade


The All Species Parade has been an NEC tradition since 1979. Each year, people of all ages come together at the North Country Fair and parade around the plaza dressed as their favorite critter to celebrate biodiversity and the equality of all life. Anyone can participate.

Participants meet in the Tri-Counties Bank parking lot (on the corner of 8th and G Streets) at 12:30 for the parade at 1pm. Organizations are encouraged to dress as matching critters. Check in later for our free workshop dates and times.

The Endangered Art Show

For the 2017 North Country Fair, the Northcoast Environmental Center hosted an art show to celebrate the Endangered Species Act! For more information, click HERE.


All Species Parade Photo Galleries and Information

2017 All Species Parade

2013 All Species Parade

2012 All Species Parade