Coastal Cleanup Day 2012

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Coastal Cleanup Day 2012

On September 15, 2012, the global community came together for an international day of action in honor of our watersheds and coast. On this day over half-a-million people from around the globe removed 9,184,428 pounds of trash from 20,776 miles of shoreline—that’s over 4,500 tons of trash that will no longer pollute our world’s waterways.  The outcome of such a coordinated event demonstrates the role that each and every one of us can play in promoting a healthier planet—it also demonstrates the power of working together.

Here locally, the final tally from this year’s Coastal Cleanup is in!  At least 844 volunteers of all ages covered over 60 miles throughout Humboldt County and removed over 13,000 pounds of trash (and 400 pounds of recycling) from our beaches and waterways! This is a tremendous benefit to the health and safety of all North Coast community members, human and wild.  Moreover, the data gathered by our Coastal Cleanup volunteers gives important insight into types and concentration of trash at each of the sites and will assist with future cleanup efforts and refuse reduction programs. 

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the amazing site captains, sponsors, and the hundreds of participants throughout the region.

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What’s next?
The Northcoast Environmental Center, in coordination with the California Coastal Commission, will be tracking debris generated from the catastrophic tsunami in Japan as it washes up on our shoreline. Given that Northern California is poised to receive the first of the tsunami debris in the state, it is our hope that the NEC’s Tsunami Debris Monitoring and Cleanup Program will give counties to the south advance notice of any debris that may be
coming their way.

To report any possible tsunami debris or to volunteer for future events, contact the NEC at 707-822-6918, or 

2012 Awards

Most Unusual item award goes to Pam Halstead’s Fortuna Creeks Program Team for reporting their find of “witchcraft items.”

Most Ironic item award goes to Lucia Boyer’s Eureka High team for reporting their find of a cookie fortune that reads, “Don’t have bad manners.” 

Most Entertaining item award goes to Brenda Harper’s Co-op Crew for reporting their find of a “big booby holder.”

Most Innappropriate item award is actually (appropriately enough) a three-way tie between: Dale Unea’s Samoa Peninsula Fire Department crew, Vanessa Vasquez’s Baykeeper crew, and Jacob Pound’s Mad River Alliance crew. If you really want to know more, you’ll have to ask them about it!


A Huge Thank You to all of the committed site captains
and triumphant teams! 

  • Matt Porter/Kokatat (Big Lagoon County Park) 
  • Sid Dominitz (College Cove) 
  • Geoff Praust - Trinidad Union School (Trinidad State Beach and Indian Beach) 
  • Carol Mone (Indian Beach) 
  • Renee Gibbs (Baker’s Beach) 
  • Tina & Scott Davies (Luffenholtz Beach County Park) 
  • Kim and Cassidy Thorpe (Moonstone County Park Beach) 
  • Terry and Kimberly Schulz (Clam Beach County Park) 
  • Cameron Mull – Humboldt Swim Club (Clam Beach County Park) 
  • Francesca - Satori Movement (Murray Road Beach) 
  • Lynn Casillas – GHD (Mad River Bluffs/Hiller Park) 
  • Shana Langer - Coastal Grove (Mad River Beach County Park) 
  • Kristin Martinique (Hammond trail bridge) 
  • Curt Cooper - Mad River Alliance (North Bank Road - pullouts along Mad River) 
  • Dave Feral - Mad River Alliance (Essex Lane and Glendale Pullout) 
  • Jacob Pounds - Mad River Alliance (Mad River Bridge at Blue Lake) 
  • Andy Jensen (Mad River: Pump Station Number One/Disc golf course) 
  • Katie Alford (West 8th Street, Arcata) 
  • George Ziminsky - Friends of Arcata Marsh (Arcata Marsh) 
  • Brenda Harper - North Coast Co-op  (Mad River Slough/Samoa Blvd. dump sites) 
  • Peter Bigelow - Explore North Coast (Mad River Slough – Kayak Cleanup) 
  • Ted Halstead (Liscom Slough – Kayak Cleanup) 
  • Dan Ehresman - Northcoast Environmental Center (Manila Gun Club Beach) 
  • John Sullivan (Ma-le'l Dunes - North) 
  • Stacy Becker - Humboldt State University/Day of Caring (Ma-le'l Dunes – South) 
  • John St.Marie – Friends of the Dunes (Manila Dunes) 
  • Keyk Capati - Sunny Brae Middle School (Manila Community Park) 
  • Dale Unea - Samoa Peninsula Fire Department (Vance Ave/Under Samoa Bridge) 
  • Billy Gartman - United States Coast Guard  (Samoa Beach: power pole parking lot) 
  • Troy Nicolini - Samoa Peninsula Fire Department (Fairhaven) 
  • David Haller - Freshwater Elementary School (Samoa Boat Launch/GI Joe Beach) 
  • Jennifer Savage - Surfrider/Coastal Conservancy (North Jetty) 
  • Marta Tollner (Eureka Waterfront: Halvorsen Park/Under Samoa Bridge) 
  • Lucia Boyer - Eureka High Marine Biology Class (Eureka Boardwalk) 
  • Garrett Coonrod - Humboldt Yacht Club (Eureka Marina) 
  • Vanessa Vasquez - Humboldt Baykeeper (Eureka Waterfront: Del Norte Pier) 
  • John Shelter - New Directions (Eureka Waterfront: Palco Marsh) 
  • Kevin Wright – RCAA (Eureka Waterfront: Truesdale to Hilfiker) 
  • Emily Sinkhorn (Eureka Waterfront: Hilfiker to Pound) 
  • Katelynn Merritt (King Salmon Beaches) 
  • Debbie Topping (Table Bluff County Park) 
  • Stephen Kullman - Wiyot Tribe (Eel River Wildlife Area, Ocean Ranch Unit) 
  • Heather Brown - East High School, Fortuna (South Spit) 
  • Bruce Slocum (Cock Robin Island/Eel River Estuary) 
  • Scott Greacen - Friends of the Eel (Crab Park/Eel River Estuary) 
  • Lynn McCullough - Ferndale Elementary (Centerville Beach County Park) 
  • Audrey Miller (Centerville Beach County Park) 
  • Pam Halstead - Fortuna High: Fortuna Creeks Program (Rohner and Strongs Creeks) 
  • William Bell (Shelter Cove)


A big thank you to our sponsors:










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CLICK HERE to visit our gallery of Coastal Cleanup photos on!

CLICK HERE to listen to Dan Ehresman, Vanessa Vasquez, and Jennifer Savage discuss the 2012 Cleanup on the EcoNews Report!

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