Coastal Cleanup Day 2016



Coastal Cleanup Day 2016


On one special day a year, thousands upon thousands of people converge on beaches all around the world to participate in Coastal Cleanup Day. This year Coastal Cleanup Day was Saturday, September 17, and drew over 51,000 people statewide who cleaned up over 278 tons of debris from the coast!

The Northcoast Environmental Center is proud to have founded what started out as a few impassioned beach-goers in the late 70s trying to beautify our beaches but eventually became an international event! Adopted statewide by the California Coastal Commission in 1985 and coordinated internationally by the Ocean Conservancy, Coastal Cleanup Day is the largest volunteering event world wide!

Our 37th Coastal Cleanup Day attracted some wonderful results as usual! As the data still trickles in, our current count stands at over 700 volunteers, about 60 site captains and 65 sites in Humboldt County. All these wonderful volunteers cleaned up over seven tons of debris from our watersheds and coastline!

Many of our volunteers have been participating in Coastal Cleanup Day for several years and even decades and we love them coming back every year! And not just the volunteers—we would like to thank our sponsors for all of the support we receive, helping to make this event possible year after year! We cannot thank all of you enough for your commitment to making this event such a success and keeping our watersheds clear of unwanted debris!

The NEC would like to extend our gratitude to ALL our cleanup volunteers, and site captains—some of whom come back to help year after year!

With 70% of the cleanup sites reporting,
the statewide count stands at
51,895 volunteers.
Those volunteers picked up
514,844 pounds of trash
and an additional 49,458 pounds of recyclable materials, for a total of 564,302 pounds or 278 tons.

Preliminary Totals
for the North Coast:
~ 60 site captains
~ 65 cleanup sites
~ 700 volunteers
~ 7 tons of debris collected

Click here to view or download
a pdf of Coastal Cleanup Day from
the Oct/Nov issue of EcoNews.

Many thanks to our site captains!

  • Kim Tays - Redwood Creek Beach County Park
  • Marco Amezcua, HSU Free Radicals Chemistry Club - Freshwater Lagoon
  • Michelle Bisgrove, Kokatat - Big Lagoon County Park
  • Lee Rusconi - Big Lagoon County Park
  • Sierra Burr - Agate Beach
  • Sawar Young-Tripp - College Cove
  • Rebecca Lueck, Trinidad Union School - Trinidad State Beach
  • Kiley Hudson - Trinidad State Beach
  • Carol Mone - Indian Beach/ Old Home Beach
  • Jacqueline Lee - Indian Beach/ Old Home Beach
  • Greg Gibbs - Baker Beach
  • Ben Morehead, Trinidad Coastal Land Trust - Luffenholtz Beach
  • Katie Burkart  - Luffenholtz Beach
  • Kristina Watson - Luffenholtz Beach
  • Peter Cohan - Luffenholtz Beach
  • Charlie Notthoff, Humboldt Skindivers - Trinidad Harbor (Underwater)
  • Carolyn Sunseri - Camel Rock Beach/Houda Point
  • Shannon Kresge - Camel Rock Beach/Houda Point
  • Jennie Warmack, Ocean Squad - Moonstone Beach County Park
  • Tina Horan - Moonstone Beach County Park
  • Haley Houghton - Moonstone Beach County Park
  • Katie Koscielak - Clam Beach County Park
  • Dawn Nystrom - Hiller Park
  • Shana Langer, Coastal Grove School - Mad River Beach County Park
  • Ted Halstead - Liscom Slough
  • George Ziminsky, Friends of Arcata Marsh (FOAM) - Arcata Marsh
  • Nancy Stephenson - Arcata Marsh
  • Cassidy Alves - Arcata Marsh
  • Brenda Harper, North Coast Co-op - Mad River Slough at Hwy 255/Samoa Blvd.
  • Dave Feral & Ishan, Mad River Alliance - Mad River
  • Melissa Berg - Ma-le’l Dunes: North
  • Dave Haller, Freshwater Elementary - Ma-le’l
  • Dunes: South
  • Jess Barger, Friends of the Dunes - Manila Dunes/Humboldt Coastal Nature Center/Friends of the Dunes (Stamps Lane)
  • Stacey Becker & Hannah Kelly, HSU - Manila Beach (Manila Community Center parking lot - Ocean-side)
  • Dale Unea, Samoa Volunteer Fire Dept - Vance Ave to Samoa Boat Launch
  • Tanya Huneycutt, USCG - Samoa Blvd: Beach to USCG Station
  • Annalise Von Borstel, Lost Coast Rotaract - Samoa Beach: Power Poles
  • Tim Haywood, PacOut Green Team - Samoa Beach: Power Poles
  • Delia Bense-Kang, Surfrider - North Jetty
  • Amanda Austen, Sequoia Park Zoo - Sequoia Park
  • Sue Foppiano - South Jetty/South Spit
  • Heather Brown & Dan T. , East High School - South Jetty/South Spit
  • Jan Hawkes - King Salmon Beaches
  • Rachel Montgomery, PG&E Vegetation Management  - Table Bluff County Park Beach to Eel River Mouth
  • Diane Senestraro - Table Bluff County Park Beach to Eel River Mouth
  • Bruce Slocum - Eel River Mouth and Estuary/Pedrazzini Boat Ramp/Cock Robin Island
  • Alex Blessing, Eel River Estuary Preserve - Eel River Estuary Preserve
  • Lynn McCullough, Ferndale Elementary School - Centerville Beach County Park
  • RJ Rueber - Centerville Beach County Park
  • Pam Halstead, Fortuna Creeks Program/ High - Fortuna Creeks - Rohner Creek, Strong’s Creek, Eel River
  • Unity Minton, Mattole Restoration Council/Mattole School/Honeydew School and Triple Junction High School - Seven-Mile (Stretch of Wildcat North of Petrolia)
  • Monica Scholey, Mattole Youth Environmental Stewards - Mattole Estuary/Petrolia Beach
  • Lori Murphy - Shelter Cove
  • Tanya Thompson - Shelter Cove
  • Liz Ballou, Whitethorn Elementary - Whitethorn Elementary
  • Georgianna Wood, Explore North Coast - Woodley Island - northwest side, Eureka Slough, Mad River Slough
  • Vivian Matuk - Eureka Waterfront
  • Miles Slattery - Eureka Waterfront
  • Jen Kalt & Jasmin Segura, Humboldt Baykeeper, Wiyot Tribe, Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center, and Hog Island Oyster Company  - Indian Island
  • Robert Thoman, Daves Outdoor Adventure (DOA) - Eureka Slough/Fay Slough







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