Whether picking trash up off the beach or attending important policy meetings, the NEC has prioritized the health of North Coast waterways for over 40 years through our effective coastal programs:


Coastal Cleanup Day



Tsunami Debris Monitoring

Marine Protected Areas

Ocean Night

Coastal Currents


Luffenholtz Beach. Photo: jdegenhardt, Flickr CC


Coastal Programs Staff


Coastal Programs Coordinator Madison Peters

Do you love cleaning trash off the beach? Want to adopt one for your very own? Have a team ready to rule Coastal Cleanup Day?



Marine Protected Areas

Curious about North Coast MPAs? Have ocean related information for Coastal Currents, EcoNews, or Ocean Night? 



What is Marine Debris?


Unsure about what marine debris is or why it's a problem? Check out the video below recently produced by the NOAA Marine Debris Program and Ocean Today, and click here to read more about marine debris from the California Coastal Commission.