Fund Appeal Winter 2013

Dear Friend of the Northcoast Environmental Center,
At its core, the strength of the NEC comes from supporters like you.  Despite the many significant challenges we face – from global climate change to irresponsible activities that threaten farms, forests, and rivers in our bioregion – together we can build a path that will lead to a more resilient future.
Building on the NEC’s longstanding education and action campaigns, we are proud to continue this important work and we need your help to ensure that we remain at the forefront of environmental issues that matter most on the North Coast:

• Safeguarding our Public Lands!  This past year the NEC has looked into various strategies to address the growing threat of wildlife poisoning and stream diversions at the hands of illegal “trespass” marijuana operations on National Forest land.  With your support, the NEC will continue to work with other organizations and agencies to prevent threats to forests, waterways and wildlife by assisting with cleanup efforts and exploring preventative strategies.
• Taking Action for Clean Beaches and Clean Water!  Next year will mark the 35th year of the NEC’s Adopt-a-beach and Coastal Cleanup program, and the 30th anniversary of our collaboration with the California Coastal Commission for Coastal Cleanup Day.  We will continue to expand our efforts to bring in more school groups and community partners. We are also working with the region’s many coastal stewards to sponsor year-round cleanups through our Adopt-A-Beach program.  Along with these projects to clean up trash, we are partnering with organizations such as Humboldt Baykeeper to prevent trash pollution through educational campaigns and efforts to ban single-use plastics and styrofoam. Your contribution will help keep our beaches and waterways trash-free.
• Engaging to Protect Watersheds and Promote Sustainable Communities! By working with diverse stakeholders, the NEC has made progress towards protecting farms, forests and watersheds, while promoting sustainable development through Humboldt County’s General Plan Update. A few special interest groups are threatening to undermine this work.  We need your help to ensure that environmental protection and sustainable community design remains at the forefront of this region’s land-use decisions.
• Taking Action for Trails!  In partnership with numerous other organizations and individuals, the NEC continues to support a region-wide network of trails which will improve our quality of life, decrease reliance on fossil fuels, and increase recreational opportunities for visitors and residents alike.  Your support will allow the NEC to take action for well-managed trail networks on public lands and for a Bay Trail that will serve as a safe and scenic route between Arcata and Eureka.
• Activating North Coast Communities! Nothing is more important to promoting change in our world than an informed and engaged populace.  Your support will sustain the NEC’s following media programs and outreach efforts:
• EcoNews: Our long-standing environmental newsletter, EcoNews, continues to get the word out not only on the work the NEC engages in directly, but the indispensible efforts of our partner organizations throughout the bioregion.  Whether you prefer perusing print or reading online (, we look forward to continuing to provide our supporters with news on the ecological issues that matter most here on the North Coast. As a member of the NEC, you will receive EcoNews delivered right to your mailbox! 
• EcoNews Report: As the longest running public affairs show on KHSU, the EcoNews Report delivers informative environmental programming over the airwaves on KHSU and streaming online every week. Whether recording on campus, in the NEC’s own studio, or in the field, our hosts work to bring you important environmental news ranging from politics to poetry.  Tune in to the EcoNews Report every Thursday afternoon at 1:30pm on KHSU 90.5 FM! You can also listen to prior shows online anytime at

With your financial support, we can continue these important programs and invigorate the next generation of environmental leaders. In this time of limited resources, each dollar you send will go a long way to protect and celebrate our treasured North Coast. On behalf of the board and staff of the NEC, we thank you in advance for your commitment to this special region and all its inhabitants.
For the forests, farms, rivers, and coast—





Larry Glass, NEC Board President
Dan Ehresman, Executive Director