EcoNews Vol. 47, No. 4 - Aug/Sep 2017

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News From the Center

Eye on Washington

Kin to the Earth -  Sharon Duggan

Creature Feature - Humboldt Flying Squirrel

Kids' Page - 


Coastal Cleanup Day - Saturday, September 16

Celebrating All Species Since 1979

Renewal Corporation Committed to River Restoration

20th Annual Coho Confab in the Mattole 

Paris Climate Accord: States Commit to Take Action

Cap and Trade a ‘Handout to Big Oil,’ Green Groups Say




News from NEC Member Groups:


Zero Waste Humboldt Compostable Plastics? Not a Solution

 Humboldt Baykeeper Clam Beach Named Most Polluted in State

 EPIC EPIC Defense of Richardson Grove

 Sierra Club-North Group, Redwood Chapter Climate Change Affects Ocean Ecology; Events

 California Native Plant Society, North Coast Chapter Time to Plant; Events

 Redwood Region Audubon Society