Monkey Business - Backpage Fundo Apr/May 2015

April, 2015


An Indian childless couple say they are going to leave all their money to their pet monkey who they believe has enriched their lives.

They have set up a trust fund for the 10-year-old long-tailed macaque, a breed has been known to live up to 40, and so the macaque could outlive them.

He is Muslim  and she is Hindu, and they were both disinherited by their families. They started off poor. But after the macaque came into their lives nine years ago, they did well, and have a number of businesses—all  named after the monkey. The animal, too, lives in style, with his own air-conditioned room.

Here at the NEC,  we are hoping that  similar trust funds are being set up to benefit our survival for more than 40 years. Because it’s you, the individual, that keeps us afloat. There’s no government handout, no giant grant,  nothing but you. Every one of your donations, however small it may be, is vital.

So become a member, convince others to join, come in and volunteer, shout  NEC for the housetops.

It all will help.

And if you happen to spot a fairly well-to-do macaque, let him know how vitally important  his donation could be.

Thank you.