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June, 2015




A man in Washington was found guilty of using a bulldozer and an excavator to fill the Tahuya River and change the waterway’s course.

A jury found William Cayo guilty of violating shoreline management and water pollution laws, as well as conducting hydraulic activities that are prohibited. His actions filled one river channel, deepened and straightened another and removed a river bend.
Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Cayo “did serious damage and put fish, wildlife and his downstream neighbors at risk.”

Here at the NEC, we fight against yet another example of human’s arrogant and regardless desire to reshape the natural world. From unwanted dams to poisonous pesticides, from ocean-damaging plastics to atomic energy, the notion is that Man can do whatever he wants against Nature.

If you are willing to support us in this seemingly never-ending struggle, then devote some hours or send us a little currency. The other side has a lot of cash to back up its arrogant attitude; we’re only asking less than a dime a day to officially join us.

Thank you.