400th consecutive month of hot global temperatures

Grist / H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock / Getty Images
Shocked. From Grist’s original post. Grist / H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock / Getty Images.

Our overheating planet just reached another staggering—maybe even astronomical—new milestone.

In a report out Thursday, NOAA confirmed that April was the 400th consecutive month of warmer-than-average global temperatures. The last month cooler than the 20th-century average was December 1984, back in the days of big hair and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

We’ve come a long way since then. Somehow, though, we’re still debating whether human activity is behind the warmer atmosphere, not to mention what the hell we’re going to do about it.

Either the last 400 months were all an incredible coincidence—we’ll get to that in a second—or something else is going on.

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For 400 months in a row, our planet has been unusually hot


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