5th District Supervisor Steve Madrone: Putting Vision into Action

Steve Madrone campaign photo.
Steve Madrone campaign photo.

Humboldt County’s new 5th District County Supervisor, Steve “Sungnome” Madrone, attended the Northcoast Environmental Center’s March Conservation Committee meeting to discuss some of his important conservation goals. Present at the meeting were representatives from numerous local environmental organizations, including several who also serve on the NEC board, as well as some NEC staff and student interns.

Madrone won the 5th District race by just a little over 100 votes last year. His mostly-rural district has a history of narrow margin elections.

As an active community member for over 40 years, his dedication to conservation efforts has had numerous positive impacts in Humboldt County.

Over the decades, Madrone has been an integral part of several conservation organizations including the Emerald Creek Committee (formed to work on the Redwood National Park expansion) and forming the Northcoast Rehabilitation Group. Working with these groups, Madrone has helped create more protection for old-growth forests and increased watershed restoration.

I did not have the opportunity to take a class with Madrone while he was a lecturer at HSU, so hearing him speak at the committee meeting was a privilege. One of the first things he mentioned was that through getting people to work together, all things become possible. I was instantly intrigued to hear more.

Madrone emphasized that the future of conservation relies on working as a team to resolve issues. He identified some of his core conservation priorities, including better county planning, ethical government, transparency in government (work without hidden monetary interests influencing outcomes), the  impacts of cannabis grows on our communities, and the importance of fair consideration in the cannabis permitting process. He ended by returning to his overall theme: if we work with new alliances and cross ideological divides, we can achieve the county’s important environmental goals.

Madrone’s years of experience in conservation, organizing, and working with people of many different backgrounds allows him to connect with people and see eye to eye on issues relevant to them, the community, and the county as a whole. In becoming a county supervisor, he can apply his knowledge and real-world experience to a variety of situations affecting  Humboldt County and its future sustainability efforts.

You can read more about Madrone’s background in the Kin to the Earth feature from the Oct/Nov 2018 edition of EcoNews, available here: https://www.yournec.org/kin-to-the-earth-steve-madrone.