Mindful☼Mondays: October by Louise Glück

M I N D F U L ☼ M O N D A Y S

Happy Monday. Enjoy this poem excerpt from poet Louise Glück. The world is calling us.

“Come to me, said the world.
This is not to say
it spoke in exact sentences
but that I perceived beauty in this manner.

Sunrise. A film of moisture
on each living thing. Pools of cold light
formed in the gutters.

I stood
at the doorway,
ridiculous as it now seems.

What others found in art,
I found in nature. What others found
in human love, I found in nature.
Very simple. But there was no voice there.”

– “October”, Louise Glück

Photo by Brittany Kleinschnitz, Office and Event Support Staff @bkleinschnit