A Clean Ocean Starts on Your Street!

There’s nothing worse than heading out for your morning walk, only to be greeted with piles of trash along the side of the road. I came across this pile on Foster Ave. on an otherwise lovely morning stroll.
At the NEC, we focus a lot on beach litter and marine debris. But before trash pollutes the ocean, it usually pollutes the street. This trash pile sits only a few feet away from Janes Creek. All it takes is a strong gust of wind (which we’ve had plenty of lately) to blow this trash into our waterways and out to the ocean.
Our upcoming Trash-a-Thon event allows participants to choose when and where they’d like to pick up litter. If you plan on participating, consider cleaning up a creek or roadside location! These spaces can be overlooked, but they are incredibly important for keeping trash out of our waterways.
Trash-a-Thon runs from April 19-25th…find out more at our website! www.yournec.org/trashathon2021