Action Alert: Mattole Megagrow

About the Issue
On May 20 the Humboldt County Planning Commission will consider a conditional use permit for two adjacent cannabis grows in the Mattole Valley, one 28,342 square feet and the other 21,372 square feet. The proposed grow, under the name of Green Growth Enterprises, LLC will utilize 47 greenhouses as well as outdoor cultivation and is estimated to use 255,000 gallons of water per year.

One area of concern is that the Planning Commission will be considering these as two separate projects, when in fact the impacts should be collectively considered since they are side-by-side parcels being developed by the same applicant.

  Potential water use impacts, especially during a drought, are a major concern. Though the project is projected to collectively use 255,000 gallons of water per year (127,500 on each parcel), they will be storing up to 400,000 gallons in an off-stream pond. This is water that will be diverted from streams, no doubt negatively impacting local drainages feeding the Mattole River. Power to both sites will come from generators. The proposed site is in a mountainous area serviced by an old logging road.

Take Action
To comment on this proposal and ask the County to treat these as one large grow and to require a full Environmental Impact Report, email and provide the project title (Green Growth Enterprises, LLC), record or case number (Record Numbers PLN-11274-CUP and PN-11275-CUP) and hearing date (May 20, 2021). The full planning commission agenda can be found at

Planning Commission Meeting
Listen or Watch the live stream of the Planning Commission Meeting in three ways:

  1. Password: 200525
  2. Call in via telephone at 346 248-7799, enter meeting id 976 3777 7152 Password: 200525
  3. A live stream of the meeting can be found by using the following link: or by watching Access Humboldt on cable

Public Comment Instructions During the Meeting
Participate in the public comment period of the meeting in the following ways:

  1. Via Computer as an attendee: To raise your hand click the Raise Hand icon on the bottom of the Zoom window. When you click the Raise Hand icon, a hand icon will appear next to your name that will notify the host your hand is raised. You will also see the hand icon turn green. When you want to lower your hand, you can click the hand icon again and your hand will be lowered. When you are called upon to speak the Zoom platform will ask you for permission to unmute your mic. If you encounter any issues, please use the call-in option below.
  2. Via phone call using cell phone or landline: When the Planning Commission meeting begins, call in to the conference line. When the Planning Commissioner starts to discuss the item you wish to comment on, Press *9 to raise your hand. When you are called upon to speak, you will be prompted to unmute your mic, press *6 to unmute.