ACTION ALERT: No Pipeline! Act by Aug. 10

Thank you to Humboldt Alliance for Responsible Planning (HARP) for the following information:

Dear Neighbors and Friends of Trinidad:

This is HARP’s CALL TO ACTION to let you know that the Trinidad City Council is being asked to reconsider (for a THIRD time) the question of participating in a water pipeline project from Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District.

HARP urges you and others who care about the future of the Trinidad area to contact the City Council before its Aug. 10 meeting to urge them NOT to reopen the pipeline debate.

Here is a sample letter to the Council that you can use, as well as a talking points on the water and pipeline issues FYI.

It’s no news that we are in the midst of a drought. Pipeline supporters are using that to frighten residents into a rush supporting a pipeline project that would take years and millions of dollars to build.

Obviously, rushing into expensive and environmentally destructive pipeline construction wouldn’t make any difference today. Or next year. But the prospect of 500,000 gallons/day of water would draw developers like flies, and open the unspoiled, forested area north of the Little River to construction that would destroy the qualities we cherish about this whole area.

Please review the attached materials and send a letter/email TODAY to urge the Trinidad City Council to reject reconsideration of a pipeline, and to redouble efforts to develop the various other options to plan for Trinidad’s water future. In your message to the Council, please let them know if you are a Trinidad city resident, Trinidad water customer, or if you live in the immediate Trinidad area.

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HARP — Humboldt Alliance for Responsible Development
HARP Board: Don Allan, David Hankin, Richard Harris, Bryce Kenny, Richard Johnson, Ken Miller, Ted Pease, Elaine Weinreb