Action Alert: Protect Remote Wildlands from Large Cannabis

Let the Board of Supervisors know that you don’t support permitting large cannabis grows on remote wildlands! 

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will hold a special meeting on Monday, June 13, 2022, to hear an Appeal of the Blocksburg Family Farm Cannabis Cultivation Permits. Citizens for a Sustainable Humboldt (CSH) and the Northcoast Environmental Center (NEC) filed this Appeal of the 6.39-acre cannabis mega-grow due to unaddressed concerns about environmental and social impacts. 

Concerns stem from the location of the proposed grow in a remote rural area, and include:

  • The use of gasoline generators for the initial phase of the project (2-3 years), refueled by hand from five gallon containers. 
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation of 25 employees to the remote worksite.
  • Public safety issues presented by the inadequate access roads leading to the Project, in an area vulnerable to wildfires and far from emergency services.  
  • Groundwater extraction for cultivation of two additional acres before adequate water storage is developed, and without proper analysis of potential hydrologic connection of wells to surface waters, as well as improper well testing in violation of County regulations.
  • Cumulative impacts to the rare prairie grassland that the project is located in.

Take Action

Tell the Board to uphold this Appeal and deny the permits for the above reasons, or else require that a full EIR is prepared before the Project operations commence.

Email them today or attend the meeting on 6/13 – either virtually or in person at the County Courthouse. (To comment virtually, watch the streaming video which will be posted here and follow the instructions provided at the bottom of the screen.)

Humboldt County Board of Supervisor Emails:
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  • Michelle Bushnell:, 
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  • Virginia Bass:, 
  • Steve Madrone: