Action Alert: Save Kneeland Water

Thank you to Cheryl Furman and Mallory Cunningham for the following information

Save Kneeland water for residents, wildlife, and fire suppression, not a mega-grow!

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Humboldt County Zoning Administrators Office, with ZERO notice to anyone further away than 350 feet from the proposed project, is making plans to unleash a mega pot grow on Kneeland, which is already suffering from global warming, drought, punishing smoke and ash from regional forest fires and the threat of fire.

This project would likely be the death knell for wells and springs in this area; Cross Creek, Foss, Paddock, Tim Mullen, and Barry roads.  We have lived on Cross Creek Road since 1984 and have seen a lot, but what will be next?

This project DEMANDS a COMPREHENSIVE Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and reimbursement liability for adversely affected property owners, who will suffer from this water catchment impound, visual blight, increased aggressive traffic, near constant smell of growing and drying of thousands of square feet of this mega grow (44,000 sf with two harvests annually).

Even if you don’t live on any of the above listed roads, PLEASE call your supervisor and express your concern, before the zoning commission approves a similar or larger commercial grow/threat, in your neighborhood/viewshed.