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Action Alert: Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge | Dec. 17

Action Alert: Oppose Oil Lease Sales in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - Public Comments due by December 17 - Thank you to Northern Alaska Environmental Center for the following...

Action Alert: Save the Tule Elk

Our beloved Tule Elk at Point Reyes National Seashore are being threatened by the expanding dairy and cattle industry. In these drought months, Elk have...

ACTION ALERT: Stop Bulldozers in the Trinity Alps Wilderness Today!

Thank you to EPIC for the following information. The USFS has delegated authority to firefighters to bulldoze ridgetops in the Trinity Alps Wilderness on the Red Salmon...

ACTION ALERT: Single-Use Products and Packaging Must Go! Contact Your State Reps TODAY.

The California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act Single-use plastic products and packaging are piling up in our landfills, blighting our neighborhoods, clogging our rivers...

CALL TO ACTION: Sign the Petition to Deny the Elk River Billboard Permit

Thank you to Humboldt Baykeeper for the following information: Sign The Petition Last winter, an old billboard collapsed into the Elk River wetlands just south of Eureka. This...