Sustain Your Activism Workshop

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Join the Northcoast Environmental Center at Cal Poly Humboldt’s 28th Annual Social Justice Summit.¬†NEC Staff will be leading an interactive and participatory presentation on sustainable activism, and how to incorporate that activism into daily life!
Date: Feb 28th, 1 – 2pm | Location: Nelson Hall 102 (Goodwin Forum)

About the Summit:

The summit will take place the week of February 28th – March 5th, 2022.¬†This year’s theme is “Climate Justice and Intersectionality”. The Social Justice Summit is an educational space, as well as a safe space, that allows us to question and challenge the narratives that have been instilled within us. Our summit will be primarily in-person (per Covid-19 guidelines), with virtual aspects. Community members will only be eligible to attend all virtual events.