Adopt-A-Block & Adopt-A-Beach

    The Adopt-A-Block and Adopt-A-Beach programs are for volunteers who want to take their cleanup commitment to the next level. If you’d like to participate in our entry level cleanup volunteer program visit

    Current Adopted Beaches

    Please email our Coastal Programs Coordinator at for a list of currently adopted beaches in Humboldt County.

    Follow 3 Easy Steps to Adopt-A-Block or Beach

    Step 1: Fill out the sign-up sheet and liability waiver
    Click here to sign-up.

    STEP 2: Clean up your neighborhood or beach!
    Now that you’ve been entered into the program you’re ready to start cleaning. We request that volunteers clean their adopted location at least once a month.

    STEP 3: Share your cleanup data and experience
    We ask that program participants collect data using the NOAA Marine Debris Tracker App or data card and send any comments or questions about your cleanups to our Coastal Programs Coordinator. Read this app tutorial or watch this video to find how you can become a citizen scientist and contribute to a worldwide database! Use of the app or data card is not required for participation in these programs, but it does help us learn about the types of trash being littered in our area.

    If you are participating in the Adopt-a-Beach program, we request that you fill out an additional reporting form with just a few short questions. This information is required by the California Coastal Commission, which oversees the program statewide. Thank you!

    Questions? Email

    2019 Zero Waste Coastal Cleanup Day. Friends of the Dunes.


    Adopt-A-Beach’s evolution began 38 years ago when the NEC received federal funding for its Humboldt Beach Beautification and Restoration project. The success of those early beach cleanups led to the creation of Adopt-A-Beach, now a statewide event coordinated by the California Coastal Commission. Moreover, this effort inspired the creation of the highly successful California Coastal Cleanup Day, part of International Coastal Cleanup Day. Cleanup efforts are critical for slowing down the flow of trash from land to sea. An estimated 80 percent of marine debris originates on land, creating health and safety hazards for people and wildlife alike.