Zero Waste Crossword


  1. To extend the life of an item by using it repeatedly.
  2. To make new products from used materials.
  3. To fix something to extend its useful life.
  4. The breakdown of matter by bacteria and fungi.
  5. To carefully create something while thinking about the product’s impact on our environment.
  6. To make less waste by using less stuff.



  1. The mineral that is mined and used to produce aluminum.
  2. Reducing the use of new raw materials by using the whole of an old material for a new purpose and to give it more value.
  3. Waste ____: The act of preventing waste from being disposed into landfills and incinerators.
  4. ____Waste: Waste materials derived from living organisms (i.e. food and garden waste) which can be turned into compost.
  5. An area of land designed to handle the disposal of solid waste.
  6. A method for the destruction of waste by controlled burning at high temperatures.
  7. ____Waste: The philosophy of 10 % or less of everything we use ending up in the landfill.