Bird-a-thon Sets Many Records!

Redwood Region Audubon Society

NEC staff team, Bird Curious, at the Arcata Marsh.

The 7th Annual Tim McKay Bird-a-thon always sets all sorts of records when it comes around each year. This was a special year with a record total of at least 250 species tallied April 30 to May 2. The big news is that the five teams raised a total of $14,268.89, an all-time high, for sure! This included the Wandering Tallyier’s featuring Gary Friedrichsen, Laurie Laurence, Bill Rodstrom, and Greg Chapman that garnered $7,164.60 for their 116 species, followed by the White-crowned Spotters with C.J. Ralph at the helm, Eric Olson, Tom Allen, Gary Bloomfield and Ken Burton, came in at $5,458.80 for their 128 species. Then the No (R)Egrets with Gary Falxa and Gayle Garman, scoring $1,204.29 and 101 species. Also contributing were the NEC team, Bird Curious with Carlrey Arroyo, Caroline Griffith, Ivy Munnerlyn and Jasmin Segura at $330, for their 41 species, and Papa Dori’s Budget Birding with Jose Luis Sandoval brought in $111.20, finding 56 species. Nice job, everyone!

These folks were backed by an amazing total of 99 sponsors! They included Daniel Airola, Gisele Albertine, Tom & Katie Allen, Janice Andersen, Mark & Patty Andrews, Debbie Bender, Sonali Bera, Chris Beresford, James Bettaso, Janelle Blakely, John & Barbara Brimlow, Robert & Ann Burroughs, Gerald & Lindsay Busch, Martin Byhower, Linda Cade, Christine & Gene Callahan, Randy Carrico & Deborah Dukes, Greg Chapman, Phyllis Chinn, Dale Clark, Maya Conrad, Darius Czerwinsskidj, Nancy Dean, Michael & Sonja Dehority, Tom & Amy Dewey, Erica Dunn, Dan Ehresman, Karen Erickson, Richard Erickson, Susan Evans & Mark Meissner, Gary Falxa, John Falxa & Valerie Raymond , Kevin Falxa, Frank Fogarty, Bob Friedrichsen, Gary & Jan Friedrichsen, Jim Froland, Hal & Margot Genger, Pat & Steve Girczyc-Durham, Marie Granshaw, Michael & Jeanice Gross, Rocky & Katie Guitierrez, Brett Harvey & Maggie Fleming, Vicki Hawkins, Ward & Jan Headstrom, Lila Higgins, Jay & Diana Hight, Harriet Hill, Ken Hoffman, Irene & Hugh Holt, Rees Hughes & Amy Ueki, David Imper, Larry Karsteadt, Gail Kenny, Bruce & Pamela Kessler, Dave & Robin Kinzer, Klamath Bird Observatory, Chuck & Janet Krull, Cynthia Kuttner, Dick LaForge, Kathy LaForge, Leo & Helen Larson, Ranada Laughlin, Laurie Lawrence, Loretta Lawrence, Sue Lee & Archie Mossman, Kathleen Lee, Steve & Mar Leedy, Peter Lehman, Gordon Leppig & Julie Neander, Ann Lindsay, Robert & Adrienne Lockett, Alan Lowry, Joana Lynch, Mark & Dayna Mauer, Catherine Mayer, Charlene McAllister, Lynn McCulloch, Thomas & Catherine McNally, Ron Melin, Randy Mendosa, Michael Mesler, Peggy Moore & Les Chow, Mark R. Moore, Jim & Susan Moore, Cindy Moyer, Julie Munnerlyn, Eric Nelson, Brian & Diana O’Donnell, Chet & Barbara Ogan, Felicia Oldfather, Eric Olson, John & Kris Onstine, Dr. Scott Osborn, Lisa Palermo & John Harris Palermo, Bob & Bonita Peck, Pete & Gretchen Pederson, Carrie Peyton-Dahlberg, Robert Pitman/Balance, Kimberley Pittman-Schultz, Clint Pogue, Pauline Porshe, Jude Claire Power, Jude Powers, C.J. & Carol Ralph, Duncan Ralph, Norbert Ralph, Peter Ralph, Stephen Rice, Barbara Rich & Howie Friedman, Richard Ridenhour, Bill & Laurie Rodstrom, Terry & Erica Roelofs, Gina Rogers, Jeffery & Margret Rubenstein, Dave Ryan, Gilbert & Mediha Saliba, Robert C. Schultze-Huff, Leslie Schweitzer, Dan Sealy, Denise Seeger, Hank B. Seeman, Patricia Sennott, Emily Sinkhorn, Bob Sizoo, Nancy & Pete Spruance, Alex Stillman, Janet Stock, Amy Taylor & Ken Houldsworth, Alberto Taylor DDS, Kim Thrope, Jeff & Lynne Toderoff, Georgia Trehey, Andrea Tuttle, Paul Vachal, Carol Vander Meer, Jirinec Vitek, Michael Wallace, Ann Wallace, Arnold Whitridge, Dollie E. Wolverton, and Mark C. Youdall, Anonymous (2). We apologize in advance for misspellings and omissions, we’re all volunteers here.

 The full story of some of the team’s adventures is on the Audubon website ( Our very sincere thanks to our sponsors which ranged from a respectable 25 folks donating about $20-25, up to a couple of very generous folks donating $650, an amazing average of about $145 per pledge.

Redwood Region Audubon Society President, Gail Kenny, handing a check to NEC Executive Director, Caroline Griffith.