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Board of Directors

Larry Glass, President and Executive Director

Safe Alternatives for our Forest Environment

Larry Glass has been an environmental advocate since the first Earth Day in 1971. He has served in various capacities on the NEC board for over 30+ years – currently presiding as Board President, serving as Executive Director and advises the NEC on forest issues. Larry owned his own business for 40 years, served 4 years on the Eureka City Council (2006-2010) and is now retired from the business world. His knowledge of local environmental issues and experience as a community leader provides a vital component to the NEC. Larry sits on the NEC’s ExComm, Finance, Conservation, Tech, Personnel and EcoNews Committees.

Dan Sealy, Vice President


Dan Sealy joined the NEC Board in 2011and is the Legislative Analyst for the Northcoast Environmental Center. Dan received a degree in Natural Resources Management at Humboldt State University and then worked for the National Park Service. He worked as a ranger and natural resources manager with the National Park Service for over 30 years. After retiring, he lives part time with his partner, Bryan, in Maryland near Washington, D.C. where he does environmental consulting and develops training for natural resource managers, but is able to spend more than half his time in their home in Trinidad. He’s learned to enjoy the political ins and outs of Washington and supervises HSU Environmental Policy interns, but he prefers backpacking in the Sierra, hiking in redwood forests or kayaking. Issues of greatest interest to Dan are wilderness protection, biodiversity, public land use policy, and inspiring folks to get out and experience nature first hand. Dan serves on the NEC’s ExComm and Conservation Committees.

Jennifer Kalt, Secretary

Humboldt Baykeeper

Jennifer Kalt joined the NEC board in 2008. She brings significant land use policy and advocacy expertise through her work with Humboldt Baykeeper, an NEC member group since 2007. A botanist, Kalt believes that communicating science to the general public is a top priority. She serves on the Conservation and ExComm Committees and is one of the hosts for our weekly radio show, the EcoNews Report.

Chris Beresford, Treasurer


Chris Beresford has worked closely with the NEC for over 35 years and has served as Board Treasurer since 2011. Chris brings significant administrative and organizational experience to the NEC through her work with California State Parks. She has a passion for propagating and protecting native plants. Chris currently presides over the NEC’s Finance Committee and serves on the Personnel Committee.

Gary Falxa

California Native Plant Society, North Coast Chapter

Gary Falxa joined the NEC board in 2014 as the CNPS representative. Gary has worked as a wildlife biologist for 30+ years, in northern California as well as other parts of the world, including Mexico and the southwestern U.S. Since 2000 he has been based locally, as a Fish and Wildlife Biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, where he worked on the conservation and management of endangered and rare species, including birds, butterflies and plants until retiring in 2016. He serves on the Finance and Conservation Committees.

Alicia Hamann

Friends of the Eel River

Alicia Hamann grew up in the Pacific Northwest and spent most of her youth exploring the mountains, forests, and rivers of the greater Portland area. Alicia moved to Northern California in 2006 and earned her BA in Anthropology with a minor in Business Administration from Humboldt State University. She was drawn to Humboldt County by the vast wilderness and unique communities, and continues to appreciate all that makes this region wild. Since 2013 Alicia has been Administrative Director for Friends of the Eel River and has served on the NEC board since 2015. She serves on the Personnel Committee.

Richard Kreis

Sierra Club North Group, Redwood Chapter

Richard Kreis joined the NEC board in 2011 as representative for Sierra Club North Group, where he serves as chair of their Climate and Energy committee. A recently arrived refugee from Heart of the Beast (Los Angeles), Richard supports the vital functions of local environmental organizations to keep important local issues in the public eye and to develop legal challenges to environmental depredations where necessary. He is also interested in the development of local responses to the Big Issues of climate destabilization, resource depletion and economic instability. He serves on the Tech Committee.

Bob Morris


Bob Morris has been an NEC board member since 2008. He is an “at-large” member serving as the Trinity County representative. With several decades of experience as a business leader, Bob brings financial experience, as well as a common sense approach to his work on the NEC board. He is a long time grass roots environmental activist and is one of the founding members of Safe Alternatives for our Forest Environment (SAFE) – founded in 1979 it is Trinity County's only environmental organization. Bob has also been a core member of the Weaverville Community Forest steering committee. He currently spends a fair amount of time working on the “Northern California's Mountains and Rivers” wilderness campaign. Bob presides over the NEC’s 9th Street Cleanup Committee.

C.J. Ralph

Redwood Region Audubon Society

C.J. Ralph has been a member of NEC for more than 30 years, and served on the Board in various capacities over 10 years, including Vice President and Audubon representative. Dr. Ralph is a Research Ecologist with the Forest Service, has founded several bird observatories, and participates in many conservation non-profits locally and elsewhere including Costa Rica and New Zealand. He is committed to conservation based on excellent science. He serves on the Conservation Committee.

Briana Villalobos


Briana joined the NEC Board in 2017. She attended Humboldt State University where she earned a degree in sociology with an emphasis on human ecology. Her passion for environmental and social justice is exemplified by her time and research dedicated throughout her undergrad career and her position at EPIC. She has been a resident of Arcata for 4 years, and spends her free time roller skating and taking her cat Arlo on walks. Briana hopes to contribute to NEC’s mission, and appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with other member groups on local projects. She is currently the Director of Communications and Development at EPIC.