Casey’s Community Coastal Column: Coastal Cleanup Day Success!

by Casey Cruikshank, NEC Coastal Programs Coordinator

Kim Tays stands near the matress haul at Redwood Creek. Photos by Stan Binnie

This year, Coastal Cleanup Day has been a success. Despite the many challenges that 2020 has brought us, our dedicated volunteers persevered. As a cleanup volunteer myself, participating every Saturday felt good for the mind and body. We had an assortment of prizes, donated and purchased from local businesses, that were raffled off to participants and a lot of photos were submitted through our data reporting form. 


Glen Everett stands with the largest find of the day, the end of a picnic table! Photo by Megan Bunday

Due to the nature of EcoNews production this article was written before the event is over which means there are still results coming in and the breakdown of the data will come in the November edition. Without our dedicated volunteers and local sponsors, this event would not be possible. Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to participate in Coastal Cleanup Day. Thank you to our sponsors: Eureka Natural Foods, Pierson Building Center, Edward Jones Investments, The Heart of Humboldt, Coast Central Cedit Union, Humboldt Cider Co., Sierra Club, Recology, HWMA, Visual Concepts, Pen & Pine, Plaza: Be Inspired, Humboldt Distillery and Adventures Edge.

Casey Cruikshank and Bryon Duty work on debris removal at Samoa Beach. Photo by: Megan Bunday

I would like to give a special thank you to Eureka Natural Foods (ENF) for making us the recipient for the Change4Change program in September. Thanks to the very generous fundraiser donation match from Rick Littlefield and his wife Betty Littlefield, ENF raised $4,000! As a frequent shopper at ENF, I witnessed great marketing for the fundraiser in the store, the cashiers asking every customer all week long and all of the hard work from the ENF team to make this such a successful fundraiser. Thank you to the entire ENF team, the NEC is extremely grateful!

Casey Cruikshank accepting a big check from Rick LIttlefield and the Eureka Natural Foods Change 4 Change program.
Dream team LeeAnn Mozeak (right), Zahara Fayth Mozeak (left) and loyal pup Sasha pose during their family Coastal Cleanup Day excursion. Photo by Megan Bunday

Though there were many changes that needed to be made to host Coastal Cleanup Day this year, I am ending September with a feeling of accomplishment, hope and resiliency. Even though these changes were introduced during a time of fear and challenge, hosting a month-long event is more in line with our mission and our community showed us solidarity even in the darkest of times. Through pandemics and wildfires, we persevere with a collective goal of caring for the environment. If you missed the opportunity to participate in Coastal Cleanup Day, the NEC has coastal cleanup opportunities year round. Email me at to learn about how to get involved. 


Thank you to all of our cleanup volunteers and teams:

Chad Lloyd
Cassidy Lloyd
Jennifer Lloyd
Aubrey Lloyd
Tim Howard
Lenny-lyn Vuelta
Mirek Veach
Debbie Williams
Robin Praszker
Klara Hernandez
Team MRC
Sara Goodwin
Mishu Kopiej
Team Rowers Unite!
Pamela Nance Lee
Team 124 Redwood Rangers
Coral Reefer
Dawn Nystrom
Bandana Ghimire
The Heart of Humboldt
Wave Savers
Coastal Litter Getters Tays
Pod 352 Freedlund
Kez Wang
Barnacle Broad Ford
Luckyfin Ford
FishRfriends Ford
Garbage Patch Kids
Team NEC
Team Sandy Clams