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News from the Center: Apr/May 2018

As we write this, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors seems unwilling to hear the appeal of Mercer Fraser’s controversial project on the Mad River before the June election. The Humboldt Bay Municipal Water...
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Eye on Washington – Apr/May 2018

Just as surely as winter moves into spring, the dangerous Trump agenda moves into an election year. Congress knows that after spring, they will be facing a new political context. Those who are happy...
Aldaron Laird crossing a snow melt swollen Canyon Creek tributary on a log, June 2010. Photo: Don Allan.

Kin to the Earth: Aldaron Laird

Author: Jennifer Kalt, Humboldt Baykeeper Aldaron Laird is well-known as a local sea level rise expert and environmental consultant, but his career began long before rising seas became a concern. I first began working with...
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The Sandpiper – Apr/May 2018

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Blue Lake lupin. Photo: Ann Wallace.

Spring Wildflower Show & Native Plant Sale

Spring Wildflower Show& Native Plant Sale the North Coast celebration of wild California plants Free, open to all! Show: May 4 (1-5 p.m., show only) May 5 (10 a.m.-5 p.m.) May 6 (10 a.m.-4 p.m.) Show Features: • hundreds of fresh wildflowers •...
Brian Steed, Deputy Director BLM official photo.

Get to Know the Players: Part Two

In the Feb/Mar issue of EcoNews, we began a series to introduce the decision-makers in the current administration. President Trump has had a difficult time getting some controversial appointees confirmed in all areas of...
A banner protesting Humboldt Redwood Company (HRC) logging in the Mattole, April 29, 2014. Photo: QueRoule, Flickr CC.

Unentered Old Growth in Mattole at Risk

The revived conflict over logging of ancient and unentered forest on Rainbow Ridge continues to approach the intensity of a full blown timber war. In the North Fork headwaters of the Mattole River, Humboldt...
An oil tanker berthed at the Phillips 66 marine terminal in Rodeo, CA. Photo: Gary Graham Hughes.

Proposed Offshore Oil Drilling Threat Brings New Attention to Tanker Spill Risks

As coastal communities along the length of California are organizing to stop a Trump administration proposal to expand offshore oil and gas drilling in federal waters off the coast of the state (read more...
Godwits in flight—poster art for Godwit Days 2018. Painting by Patricia Sundgren Smith.

23rd Annual Godwit Days: April 18 – 24

Godwit Days is a spring migration bird festival that celebrates the Marbled Godwit and all birds of Redwood Coast forests, bays, marshes, and mudflats. The Arcata Community Center serves as the departure hub for...
Platform Holly, an offshore oil platform near Santa Barbara, California. Photo: U.S. Department of Energy, Wikimedia CC.

Humboldt Says No to Offshore Oil

In February, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an anti-offshore oil resolution, which was submitted to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in response to the Trump Administration’s call for the largest...
A male Townsend’s warbler. Photo: © Rob Fowler, used with permission.

Creature Feature: Birding 101

Birds—while often unnoticed—live all around us. Ranging from the very tiny, like hummingbirds, to extremely large, like ostriches, birds are an incredibly diverse group of creatures that can be found in virtually every habitat...
A derelict railroad trestle owned by the NCRA along the Eel River. Photo courtesy of Friends of the Eel River.

Visionary Great Redwood Trail Bill Introduced

A bill proposed by state senator Mike McGuire promises to have a profound impact on the environment, recreation, and economy of the North Coast. It is a visionary plan to create the Great Redwood...

Raise Funds for the NEC and Audubon by Birding!

Have you been looking to do a little stint in birding? Do you have eyes like a hawk? You’re a lucky duck—the Fourth Annual Tim McKay Birdathon is upon us! Similar to a walk-a-thon, a...
Groundwater pumping for irrigation lowers the water table dewatering the Scott River near Fort Jones. Photo: Felice Pace.

Groundwater Planning Underway on the Northcoast & Klamath Basin

In valley and estuary basins across California, groundwater planning is getting underway for the first time.  Mandated by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), the planning should result in adoption of management plans by...
U.S. Senator Edmund Muskie, author of the 1970 Clean Air Act, addressing an estimated 40,000-60,000 people as keynote speaker for Earth Day in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia on April 22, 1970. The image on the podium was the official logo of the first Earth Week. Photo: Wikimedia, CC.

Earth Day: Still Needed After 48 Years

The importance of Earth Day has not waned in the 48 years since its inception. In fact, the importance of caring for our planet has risen to a new level of urgency with the...
A North American beaver (Castor canadensis). Photo: hehaden, Flickr CC.

EPIC: Beavers are Worth a Dam!

Beavers are nature’s engineers, building dams that increase groundwater and summer surface flows, and create ponds that help juvenile salmon get big and healthy. Yet, for all the good that beavers do, hundreds of...
A customer at the Beachcomber Cafe uses a reusable mug to reduce waste. Photo: Emma Held.

How Can Local Businesses go Zero Waste?

Humboldt County is lucky to be home to a huge amount of local businesses, many of which incorporate sustainability into their practices. It is important not only for individuals, but also for business owners...
Ryan Henson snowshoeing in the Sierras.

Where Are They Now? Ryan Henson

I was an intern at the NEC while serving in the U.S. Navy Reserve and attending College of the Redwoods in 1987 and 1988. The experience of working alongside NEC legend Tim McKay made...
Eric Gallegos with the Golden Broom Award

Volunteer Spotlight: Eric Gallegos

Golden Broom Award Winner The NEC held its second annual Adopt-a-Block Appreciation Party on February 9. The presentation of the Golden Broom Award at the event recognizes the hard work of a particular Adopt-a-Block volunteer....
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Student Focus: Arcata High Surfrider

A new Surfrider club made its debut on the Arcata High School campus this year! Members include students that are interested in the protection and conservation of our local ocean and beaches. The mission of...
Fisheries biologist Ross Taylor weighs a halibut caught for study.

Mercury Levels in Humboldt Bay Fish and Shellfish

Have you wondered whether it is safe to eat fish from Humboldt Bay? Humboldt Baykeeper has been testing mercury levels in local fish since July 2016 with grant funding from the California Environmental Protection...
A floating wnd turbine off Aqucadoura, Portugal.

Offshore Wind Energy Project Proprosed for Humboldt Coast

While the Trump Administration is proposing the first new offshore oil leases in California since 1969, the Humboldt Bay area may become the site of the first offshore wind energy project on the west...