News from the Center – Aug/Sep 2018

The tide is changing. Here in Humboldt, long time restorationist and friend of the environment Steve Madrone has been elected to the Fifth District Board of Supervisors seat, surpassing the incumbent, Ryan Sundberg, with...

Volunteer Spotlight: Carol Moné

Carol Moné How long have you been volunteering with NEC? I have volunteered at the NEC since EcoNews was mimeographed. What inspired you to volunteer? At first, I was just inspired by the increasing threats to the environment....
Terra-Gen wind farm in Tehachapi, CA. Photo: Jurriaan Persyn, CC.

New Land-Based Wind Farm Proposed

A new wind farm is being proposed just south of Scotia along Monument Ridge. The project is near Bear River Ridge, the site of a proposed wind farm that generated considerable local opposition and...
Drawing of a kit fox for the 2017 Endangered Art Show, by Miriam Hohl.

Endangered Art Show 2018

The NEC has a booth at the North Country Fair where we will be hosting the second Annual Endangered Art show! We are asking the public to submit pieces of art depicting their favorite...
Great grey owls. Photo: Dan Elster Photography, courtesy of KS WIld.

BLM Targets Ancient Forests on Public Lands, Threatening Owls

The headwater streams that feed the Klamath and Rogue Rivers come together east of Interstate 5 in the Cascade Mountains at the Oregon and California border. Here is the convergence of ecosystems, with plants...
Coho spawning on the Salmon river Credit Wikimedia Commons

21st Annual Coho Confab Aug 24-26

Salmonid Restoration Federation (SRF) is coordinating the 21st Annual Coho Confab August 24-26 in the pristine South Fork Smith River in Del Norte County. The Coho Confab is a field symposium to learn about...
Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Photo: Mathew Foster, CC.

Public Lands Outcry as Malheur Occupiers are Pardoned

Much of our public lands are open for private citizens—typically ranchers who may not have land of their own—to obtain leases or permits to graze cattle or other domestic livestock for their personal profit....
Gabriela Lara, Aisha Cissna,, and Heather Kenny are all smiles as they talk about electric vehicles at the 2018 Eureka Natural Foods Earth Day Celebration. Photo courtesy of Aisha Cissna.

Where Are They Now? Aisha Cissna

Former Legislative Intern Aisha Cissna During the 2014-2015 school year, I interned under Dan Sealy, Legislative Analyst for the NEC, from whom I learned how to navigate the wonderful, wiley web of our State and...
Freeman House. Photo: Amanda Malachesky, used with permission.

Kin to the Earth: Freeman House

Editor’s Note: It is with a heavy heart that we posthumously recognize Freeman House, restorationist and author, as our Kin to the Earth. A longer version of this tribute was originally published in the...
Plastic Free July flyer.

Go Plastic-Free to Reduce Waste

The NEC has once again participated in taking the pledge to go plastic-free for the month of July! Plastic Free July is a monthlong environmental movement to eliminate disposable plastic items. It began in...
Eye on Washington logo

Eye on Washington – Aug/Sep 2018

Good News Sometimes when competent staff members of government agencies are fired for political reasons, they come out winners. When President Trump’s appointee, Scott Pruitt, arrived at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), his reputation as...
Cars block views and access between sidewalks and businesses around the Plaza and the main public square, interfering with the successful civic, economic, and environmental functioning of the public space. Photo: CRTP.

Moving Toward a People-Friendly Plaza

Arcata’s Plaza is the heart of the city, the central square from which the town radiates. But despite its prominent role, it needs a pick-me-up. Outside of farmers’ markets and special events, the Plaza...
Bay Tours Coordinator Jasmin Segura recently led a tour of the newest section of Eureka’s Waterfont Trail for English Express students and their families. This trail is part of the California Coastal Trail, which will eventually stretch the entire length of the state. Photo by Mary Ann Hytken, English Express.

New Focus for Humboldt Bay Tours Program

Since 2005, Humboldt Baykeeper has offered free bay tours for the general public. Over the years, more than 7,500 people have enjoyed docent-led tours aboard our Boston Whaler, the Harbor District’s fire and patrol...
Arcata Mayor Sofia Pereira volunteered for Zero Waste at the North Country Fair, 2017. Photo courtesy of Zero Waste Humboldt.

Creating a Zero Waste Community

There’s been plenty of news regarding Zero Waste recently: from the recycling crisis (see page 5) to Plastic Free July (see page 10)—it’s been on the public’s mind. This leaves us with plenty of...
Map of resistance to closure of various road alternatives for Last Chance Grade.

An Early Look at “Last Chance Grade”

“Last Chance Grade” is a stretch of Highway 101 about 10 miles south of Crescent City perched precariously above the Pacific Ocean. Built on an active landslide, the road has steadily slipped towards the...
The Scott River is now dewatered even in years of “average” precipitation as a result of unregulated groundwater extraction for irrigation. Photo courtesy of Felice Pace.

Groundwater Recharge: a New Threat to California Streams

A new threat to stream ecosystems has emerged in groundwater planning. “Replenishment,” as described in a white paper by the Department of Water Resources (DWR), claims that declining groundwater levels and related land subsidence...
Columbia lily. Photo: Len Mazur.

CNPS Updates & Happenings

Fall Native Plant Sale - Saturday, September 22 10 a.m.-3 p.m. (CNPS members only pre-sale 9 - 10 a.m.) Freshwater Farms Reserve 5851 Myrtle Ave., Eureka Fall is the best time to plant! Find a wide selection of native plants...
Above: California sea lions sunning themselves at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Photo: Bill Lim, Flickr CC. Below: Closeup of a male California sea lion. Photo: Amy the Nurse, Flickr CC.

Creature Feature: California Sea Lions

If you live in Humboldt, you’ve probably spotted the California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) on docks, jetties, beaches, or in the ocean. California sea lions belong to the genus Zalophus, derived from the Greek...
Child and parent in the 2017 All Species Parade. Photo: Zoe Foxe.

Kids’ Page: All Species Parade and Endangered Art Show

Did you know that 150-200 species of plants, insects, birds, and mammals go extinct every day? An endangered species is one that is likely to go extinct without special protections to help them survive....

Arcata City Council Continues Deliberation on Controversial Student Housing Project

The Arcata City Council continued their deliberation on The Village student housing project in their July 17 meeting, the latest in a series of ongoing public hearings about the controversial development project. The Village project...
Recycling symbol

What is Happening to Humboldt County’s Recyclables?

Following the introduction of a new policy in China earlier this year, much of the world is experiencing an extreme recycling crisis. As of January 1, China put a ban on foreign imports of...