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News from the Center – Feb/Mar2018

2017 saw an unprecedented attack on environmental regulations nationwide. Your local environmental groups are the first line of defense in Humboldt County and on the North Coast. e Northcoast Environmental Center has been a hub...
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Eye on Washington Feb/Mar 2018

Environmental protections and laws that conservationists fought for decades to establish are under attack from President Trump’s administration in his first year in office,with the help of Congress. Those laws and programs were established...
Colin Fiske at Clam Beach. Photo: Courtesy of Colin Fiske.

Kin to the Earth: Colin Fiske

Here’s my secret: I have an activist crush on Colin Fiske. He is an idealist, driven by large and weighty principles like “fairness” and “community,” but in practice, Colin is a pragmatist, ever able...
A red tree vole (Arborimus longicaudus), cousin of the Sonoma tree vole, gathering needles. Photo: Stephen DeStefano, USGS.

Creature Feature – Sonoma Tree Vole

The Sonoma tree vole (Arborimus pomo), also known as the California red tree mouse, is a small rodent that spends nearly its entire life high in the canopy of old-growth forests. is vole inhabits...
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Student Focus: HSU’s Environmental Studies Club

Humboldt State University’s Environmental Studies Club is intended for, but not limited to, students who major in environmental studies at HSU. The purpose of the club is to unite interdisciplinary perspectives in order to...
Robert Thoman kayaking on Humboldt Bay. Photo: Courtesy of Robert Thoman.

Volunteer Spotlight – Robert Thoman

I started delivering EcoNews to McKinleyville in the late 70s. I had done some work converting the beauty parlor next to the old NEC to expand the offices of the NEC. I also started...
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Get to Know the Environmental Agency Players

Learn about the people in charge of our government’s environmental and public lands agencies. While a divided Congress has struggled to pass legislation to send to the President to achieve a conservative agenda, the current...
Surfers wait for waves with an offshore drilling platform in the distance in Santa Barbara, CA. Photo: Berardo62, Flickr CC.

Offshore Oil Development Plans Proposed

On January 4, 2018, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke released a new proposal that would open nearly all offshore areas to new oil and gas development. Zinke’s draft plan would mandate 47 new offshore lease...
A protest sign against pesticide spraying from a San Francisco march in 2008. Photo: Kevin Krejci, Flickr CC.

Victory in California Pesticide Case for SAFE and Public Health

In a dramatic setback for the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), a California court issued an injunction prohibiting further activity under the State’s Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) for the Statewide Plant...
Old growth trees are marked for post-fire logging in the Klamath National Forest. Photo: Cooper Rodgers

Post-Fire Westerman Bill: a Clearcutter’s Dream

Big timber players and their political allies are again exploiting forest fires to promote clearcutting. The inevitable wildfires in fire country could encourage us to better prepare communities and ecosystems for future fires. ey could...
Protesters gather to oppose the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal and pipeline. Photo: Rogue Climate.

Jordan Cove LNG—Increasing Global Emissions While Undermining Clean Energy Transition

Press Release - Oil Change International and Rogue Climate A new report released by Oil Change International details, for the first time, the full accounting of greenhouse gas emissions that would result from the proposed...
View from Titlow Hill looking south, in snow. Photo: John Abela, Flickr CC.

Titlow Hill: Trees and Prairies, or Houses and Marijuana Grows?

The Titlow Hill area is about twelve miles west of Willow Creek and bounded by Highway 299, Titlow Hill Road/US Route 1, and upper Redwood Creek. Parcel and portion-of-parcel owners (many of them marijuana...
Rodenticide poster by Bird Ally X/Humboldt Wildlife Care Center

Retail Poison Ban Insufficient Protection for Wildlife

In 2014, the State of California banned a rat poison that had been determined to cause sickness and death in an increasing number of wild animals—second generation anti-coagulant rodenticides (SGARs) sold in retail stores...
Railroad crossing completely washed out at Rocky Gulch alongside hwy 101. Photo: Scott Greacen.

Sea Level Rise and the Ongoing Railroad Saga

The EcoNews Report Report: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow On the January 4 EcoNews Report (broadcast on KHSU, 90.5 FM), Friends of the Eel River (FOER) Conservation Director Scott Greacen met with Executive Director Stephanie Tidwell to discuss the decade-long battle...
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Fifth Annual Steelhead Days

Humboldt Steelhead Days is more than just a fishing contest—it’s a winter celebration of all things steelhead. The ever-evolving event is in its fifth year and continues to host an array of watershed-related activities...
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Trump Administration to Trinity River Stakeholders: You’re Fired!

In November 2017, President Trump’s Interior Department disbanded the federal advisory committee for the Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP)—a $15 million/year fishery restoration program in northwestern California. The Trinity Adaptive Management Working Group (TAMWG)...
The site of Mercer-Fraser’s proposed cannabis extraction facility is in the Mad River floodplain along Highway 299 between Blue Lake and McKinleyville. Base map from Humboldt County Web GIS (http://webgis.co.humboldt.ca.us).

Special Allowance for Floodplain Cannabis Lab Sought by Eureka-Based Mercer-Fraser

On January 17, the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District Board (HBMWD) voted unanimously to appeal the Humboldt County Planning Commission’s approval of a cannabis extraction and manufacturing facility just upstream from the intakes for...
Older forest stand proposed for clearcutting near Copper Butte and Cook and Green Pass. Photo courtesy of Luke Ruediger.

Protect the Siskiyou Crest

The Klamath National Forest (KNF) is proposing to eviscerate one of the most important wildlife corridors and backcountry areas in California. The Siskiyou Crest, which straddles the California-Oregon border, provides east to west landscape...
Poorly managed grazing has resulted in bank and wetland trampling, water quality degradation and the removal of willow shade at Alex Hole, the headwaters of Elliot Creek below the Siskiyou Crest on the Rogue-Siskiyou National Forest. Photo: Felice Pace.

Grazing Monitoring on the Six Rivers National Forest

This spring, the North Group will join the Project to Reform Public Land Grazing in Northern California (www.grazingreform.org) to begin monitoring how grazing is managed on national forest land in the upper Mad River...
1981: This coastal prairie habitat had been passively grazed by cattle for a century or more. Although some natural succession occurred, the habitat was held in check by grazing. The habitat at that time supported a vigorous (albeit largely non-flowering) population of western lily and a variety of other early successional wildflower species. Photo: Dave Imper.

Biodiversity Loss Bigger Than Climate Change

“This is bigger than climate change.” Those were the words of Dave Imper, respected “retired” rare plant advocate and our October evening program speaker. He was referring to the short- term impact on biodiversity...
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The Sandpiper – Feb/Mar 2018

  Click here to view the Feb/Mar 2018 Sandpiper (pdf)