Kin to the Earth: Goldman Prize Winners

Goldman Environmental Prize recipients focus on protecting endangered ecosystems and species, combating destructive development projects, promoting sustainability, influencing environmental policies, and striving for environmental justice. Prize recipients are ordinary citizens who choose to take...

News from the Center – Oct/Nov 2018

It seems like once a year the financially infeasible and environmentally destructive east-west railroad concept is brought back from the dead and actually talked about as a real project. Most of our readers simply...
Fred McLaughlin at the North Country Fair. Photo: Bella Waters.

Volunteer Spotlight: Fred McLaughlin

Fred McLaughlin In the early 1990’s, right before I ventured over to Humboldt County from Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a summer vacation, my old friend from Arcata mailed me a brochure packet containing the Redwood...

East-West Train Back From the Dead—Again

Like a zombie, the east-west railroad is back from the dead. Last we looked, in February 2017, Trinity County gave the idea a fatal blow by refusing a grant to perform a feasibility study...
Redwoods and rhododendrons in Redwood National Park. Photo: Martin Swett.

A Century of Efforts to Save Redwoods

• 100th Anniversary of Save the Redwoods League  • 50th Anniversary of Redwood National Park For those who love redwood forests, with their towering trunks and carpets of ferns and redwood sorrel, 2018 has been a...
Teddi Boston, one of first women to hike the Pacific Crest Trail solo, in 1976. Submitted photo.

National Trails System Celebrates 50 Years

The year 1968 was a tumultuous one in our nation’s history, but it was also a significant year for redwoods and trails. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the National Trails System Act into law...
Logo from the coalition supporting the passage of SB100,

Gov. Brown Signs 100% Clean Energy Bill

Earlier this month, Governor Brown signed a plan to bring 100 percent clean grid electricity to California by 2045. State Senator Kevin de Leon, who is running against Dianne Feinstein for U.S. Senate, was...
Preparing to clean up Clam Beach on Coastal Cleanup Day. Photo: Megan Bunday.

Coastal Cleanup Day Wrap-up 2018

YOU made a difference for our Coasts and Waterways! The Northcoast Environmental Center held the 39th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day on Saturday, September 15—our biggest event of the year! For those of you who don’t know what...
Eye on Washington logo

Eye on Washington – Oct/Nov 2018

Looking Back, Looking Forward The 115th Congress (2017-2018) is about to wrap up most of its business. Elections in November will determine the make-up of both the House and Senate for the 116th Congress which...
Madrone for Supervisor campaign photo.

Kin to the Earth: Steve Madrone

5th District Supervisor Elect After a well-orchestrated, grass-roots campaign, Steve Madrone was elected to the position of Humboldt County Fifth District Supervisor on June 6, 2018. Some may have considered his prospects to be a...
Former Coastal Education Specialist Justin Zakoren. Submitted photo.

Where Are They Now? Justin Zakoren

In the spring of 2014, I had the pleasure of joining the team at the NEC as a Coastal Education Specialist. In this role, I developed and delivered an environmental education program primarily comprised...

Summer Slough Social was a Success!

On August 26, NEC supporters, staff, board, and volunteers enjoyed good food, beverages, a gorgeous location, music, and guided dune hikes during our successful Summer Slough Social!
Earlier this year, Los Bagels made the switch to paper straws. Show your support for businesses reducing single-use plastics, and encourage other businesses to do so! File photo.

Be an Advocate for Zero Waste Laws

One of the best ways to move Humboldt County toward Zero Waste is to contact your representatives, stay up to date on policy, and vote! Zero Waste Humboldt has recently released several advocacy letters...
Baykeeper’s Tours Coordinator, Jasmin Segura (front left) with Coastal Cleanup Day volunteers at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center Photos: Jen Kalt.

Ecological Rights Foundation v. PG&E; Coastal Cleanup Day

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. recently settled a lawsuit brought in 2010 by the Ecological Rights Foundation of Garberville. As a result, PG&E has agreed to protect San Francisco and Humboldt bays from dioxin-containing...
Humboldt marten. Photo: Charlotte Eriksson, Oregon State University.

EPIC Fights for North Coast Wildlife

Humboldt Marten Protected in California, Run Over in Oregon On August 23, the California Fish and Game Commission unanimously voted to list the Humboldt marten under the California Endangered Species Act. The decision is a...
A typical Klamath Mountains forest burn mosaic. Notice that, except for some headwall swales, riparian areas typically burn at low intensity. Photo: Luke Ruediger.

Wildfire Shenanigans; North Group Underwrites Three Campers; Events

Timber interests are once again attempting to use fear of wildfire as a means to increase logging and the Trump Administration, with Ryan Zinke in the lead, is pushing the timber industry’s agenda. Zinke...
Sugar Lake in Russian Wilderness. Submittted photo.

CNPS Updates & Happenings

In July, we saw nine species of conifers around Sugar Lake in the Russian Wilderness, and three more along the trail there. The trail was modestly graded, about 3 miles long, and earned the...
Potential I Street redesign detail produced by the City of Eureka.

CRTP Weighs in on Local Projects

At the Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities, we know that well-designed transportation systems can go a long way toward achieving many popular public goals, from protecting our environment to promoting public health to supporting...
Frosted nudibranch. Photo: Casey Cruikshank.

Creature Feature: Nudibranchs

All nudibranchs are sea slugs, but not all sea slugs are nudibranchs. Sea slugs are soft-bodied marine gastropods (mollusks). The word nudibranch refers to a specific type of sea slug, but is often misused as...

Blast From the Past: October & November 1978

Center of Attention by Pat Ferris This article is reprinted from the October 1978 issue of EcoNews. After seven years of struggling for your environment and sometimes its own existence, the Northcoast Environmental Center still offers the...

Wind Energy Projects Proposed for Humboldt County

As the world’s finite energy sources continue to be depleted—creating massive environmental damage and increasing the rate of climate change along the way—shifting to renewable energy sources is becoming more important than ever. As they...