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“Bi-partisan” Action at the Expense of California Salmon

Friends of the Eel River’s Conservation Director Scott Greacen explores these questions and more with guests John McManus and Regina Chichizola. John is the president of the Golden Gate Salmon Association, which represents both...
Scott Dam graphic from PG&E.

Dam Safety and Railroad Bills Move Forward in Sacramento

Stephanie Tidwell, Friends of the Eel River Executive Director, and Scott Greacen, Friends of the Eel River Conservation Director, discuss new and proposed state legislation and how it may effect the Eel River. California...
The Scott Dam on the Eel River. Photo: Rob Badger/Friends of the Eel River.

Is the Future of Eel River Dams Being Decided Behind Closed Doors?

Tune in for a discussion of the fate of the Eel River dams that highlights more questions than answers. Pacific Gas and Electric made headlines last week when they announced, during the Eel Russian...
Caribou Lake in the Trinity Alps Wilderness. Photo courtesy of SAFE.

The Importance of Baseline and Cumulative Effects

"This is where we get to the idea of cumulative effects - how do we ensure that the watershed remains capable of supporting salmon and steelhead and other species that we need and frankly...
Railroad crossing completely washed out at Rocky Gulch alongside hwy 101. Photo: Scott Greacen.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Friends of the Eel River Executive Director Stephanie Tidwell and Conservation Director Scott Greacen discuss rising tides, climate change, and Friends of the Eel River's on-going legal battle with the North Coast Railroad Authority....