Columbia lily. Photo: Len Mazur.

CNPS Updates & Happenings

Fall Native Plant Sale - Saturday, September 22 10 a.m.-3 p.m. (CNPS members only pre-sale 9 - 10 a.m.) Freshwater Farms Reserve 5851 Myrtle Ave., Eureka Fall is the best time to plant! Find a wide selection of native plants...
Joe Tyburczy of California Sea Grant Extension and HSU graduate student Eric LeBlanc recently deployed instruments during very low tides to measure pH levels and other environmental conditions in and near eelgrass beds in Humboldt Bay. Credit Brian Carter

Can Eelgrass Reverse the Effects of Ocean Acidification?

Joe Tyburczy is a marine ecologist with the California Sea Grant Extension who is studying the effects of eelgrass on ocean acidification. Joe and his colleagues are examining eelgrass’s role in reversing the effects...
Reusable, refillable water bottles come in a variety of styles. Don’t leave home without one! Photo: yourbestdigs, Flickr. com CC.

Cell Phone, Wallet, Keys… Reusable Water Bottle!

Over the years, it has become commonplace to see our friends and family make an effort to carry their reusable water bottles with them wherever they go. When people leave their homes, no longer...
Fisheries biologist Ross Taylor weighs a halibut caught for study.

Mercury Guidelines for Eating Humboldt Bay Fish & Shellfish

Fish consumption is the major route of mercury exposure in the United States, but there are many health benefits of eating fish that is low in mercury, PCBs, and other contaminants. Fish is high...
Humboldt marten. Photo: Charlotte Eriksson, Oregon State University.

Humboldt Marten Update

The Humboldt marten, a small carnivore related to minks and otters found only in old-growth forest and dense coastal shrub in Northern California and Southern and Central Coast regions in Oregon, is one of...
Anneli and Mathilde Macdonald, 8th graders at Jacoby Creek School, stand in front of their first-place project about nitrogen isotopes in tree rings. Photo: courtesy of Sierra Club.

Science Projects Receive Awards; Events

For the 12th year, North Group sponsored an award for the best project relating to environmental issues at the annual Humboldt County Science Fair held in mid March. (The projects were so competitive in...
Dudleya succulents. Photo: Michael Kauffman.

CNPS Updates & Happenings

Plants for Sale at the Kneeland Glen Farm Stand Native plants grown by the North Coast CNPS Chapter Nursery are available all summer at the Kneeland Glen Farm Stand, including a wide selection of annuals,...
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The Sandpiper – Jun/Jul 2018

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Marbled Godwits are one of manny species of shorebirds that flock to Humboldt Bay in the spring. Artwork courtesy of Godwit Days.

Godwit Days Festival is this weekend!

Godwit Days is an annual festival celebrating spring bird migration in and around Humboldt Bay, an important stop on the Pacific Flyway for thousands of shorebirds, waterfowl, hawks, owls, songbirds. My guest is Godwit...
Scott Dam graphic from PG&E.

Dam Safety and Railroad Bills Move Forward in Sacramento

Stephanie Tidwell, Friends of the Eel River Executive Director, and Scott Greacen, Friends of the Eel River Conservation Director, discuss new and proposed state legislation and how it may effect the Eel River. California...
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The Sandpiper – Apr/May 2018

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Fisheries biologist Ross Taylor weighs a halibut caught for study.

Mercury Levels in Humboldt Bay Fish and Shellfish

Have you wondered whether it is safe to eat fish from Humboldt Bay? Humboldt Baykeeper has been testing mercury levels in local fish since July 2016 with grant funding from the California Environmental Protection...
Marbled murrelet at sea. Photo: Craig Strong.

North Coast Marbled Murrelet Status Update

"The reason we count murrelets at sea is, of course, because in the forest they are flying around at really high speeds in the dawn or dusk and while you can see them and...
Fisheries biologist Ross Taylor weighs a halibut caught for study.

Is It Safe To Eat Fish from Humboldt Bay?

Have you wondered whether it is safe to eat fish from Humboldt Bay? Humboldt Baykeeper has been testing mercury levels in local fish with today’s guest, fisheries consultant Ross Taylor. For more info, visit
Latina woman in a redwood forest with a banana slug. Photo: Ruby Rodriquez/Latino Outdoors.

How Can We Make the Redwoods More Inclusive?

Close your eyes and think of an "environmentalist." What do you see? If its an old white guy (probably with a beard and a walking stick), you are not alone! Environmentalism has a diversity...
The Scott Dam on the Eel River. Photo: Rob Badger/Friends of the Eel River.

Is the Future of Eel River Dams Being Decided Behind Closed Doors?

Tune in for a discussion of the fate of the Eel River dams that highlights more questions than answers. Pacific Gas and Electric made headlines last week when they announced, during the Eel Russian...
A floating wnd turbine off Aqucadoura, Portugal.

Redwood Coast Energy Authority Proposes Offshore Wind Project

Will Humboldt be the site of the West Coast’s first offshore wind energy project? Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s Executive Director Matthew Marshall discusses the agency’s proposal for 10-15 floating wind turbines 20-30 miles west of...
Humboldt marten in a tree. Photo: USFWS.

Humboldt’s Most Elusive Critter

With less than 100 individuals left in California, the Humboldt marten is one of the state's most endangered species. While it once haunted the coastal forests from Oregon to Santa Cruz, the Humboldt marten...
The site of Mercer-Fraser’s proposed cannabis extraction facility is in the Mad River floodplain along Highway 299 between Blue Lake and McKinleyville. Base map from Humboldt County Web GIS (

Special Allowance for Floodplain Cannabis Lab Sought by Eureka-Based Mercer-Fraser

On January 17, the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District Board (HBMWD) voted unanimously to appeal the Humboldt County Planning Commission’s approval of a cannabis extraction and manufacturing facility just upstream from the intakes for...
Older forest stand proposed for clearcutting near Copper Butte and Cook and Green Pass. Photo courtesy of Luke Ruediger.

Protect the Siskiyou Crest

The Klamath National Forest (KNF) is proposing to eviscerate one of the most important wildlife corridors and backcountry areas in California. The Siskiyou Crest, which straddles the California-Oregon border, provides east to west landscape...
Poorly managed grazing has resulted in bank and wetland trampling, water quality degradation and the removal of willow shade at Alex Hole, the headwaters of Elliot Creek below the Siskiyou Crest on the Rogue-Siskiyou National Forest. Photo: Felice Pace.

Grazing Monitoring on the Six Rivers National Forest

This spring, the North Group will join the Project to Reform Public Land Grazing in Northern California ( to begin monitoring how grazing is managed on national forest land in the upper Mad River...
1981: This coastal prairie habitat had been passively grazed by cattle for a century or more. Although some natural succession occurred, the habitat was held in check by grazing. The habitat at that time supported a vigorous (albeit largely non-flowering) population of western lily and a variety of other early successional wildflower species. Photo: Dave Imper.

Biodiversity Loss Bigger Than Climate Change

“This is bigger than climate change.” Those were the words of Dave Imper, respected “retired” rare plant advocate and our October evening program speaker. He was referring to the short- term impact on biodiversity...
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The Sandpiper – Feb/Mar 2018

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Caribou Lake in the Trinity Alps Wilderness. Photo courtesy of SAFE.

The Importance of Baseline and Cumulative Effects

"This is where we get to the idea of cumulative effects - how do we ensure that the watershed remains capable of supporting salmon and steelhead and other species that we need and frankly...
Indian Beach. Photo: Jennifer Kalt.

Protecting our Coasts from Offshore Oil Drilling

On January 4, the Trump Administration announced its plan to open nearly all federal waters to offshore oil exploration and drilling. It would be the largest ever proposed, with 47 leases, including 6 off...