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Progress Toward Manufacturer Responsibility for Waste

Following the implementation of China’s stricter regulations regarding the types of recycling it would accept from other countries for processing, most recycling is currently ending up in landfills for lack of an alternate domestic...
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Zero Waste Humboldt: Nearing the Tipping Point?

Changing our Single-use Plastic Culture Malcom Gladwell defined a tipping point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” Indications are that the U.S. public is gradually awakening to the fact that...
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Zero Waste Humboldt: Refill Not Landfill Project Expands

With the cooperation of six local governments and three schools; the support of Coast Central Credit Union, Strong Foundation, and Mad River Rotary Club; and a start up grant from the Footprint Foundation, Zero...
Jeff, Kaylee and Emily Cook have fun cleaning up Samoa Beach during a Plastic Free July cleanup with the NEC. Photo: Sarai Lucarelli.

ZWH: A Year in Review for Zero Waste

It’s been quite a year for Zero Waste Humboldt (ZWH), and the entire Zero Waste community. The last 12 months have brought advocacy, education, and change to the North Coast, both within our organization...
Earlier this year, Los Bagels made the switch to paper straws. Show your support for businesses reducing single-use plastics, and encourage other businesses to do so! File photo.

Be an Advocate for Zero Waste Laws

One of the best ways to move Humboldt County toward Zero Waste is to contact your representatives, stay up to date on policy, and vote! Zero Waste Humboldt has recently released several advocacy letters...
Reusable, refillable water bottles come in a variety of styles. Don’t leave home without one! Photo: yourbestdigs, Flickr. com CC.

Cell Phone, Wallet, Keys… Reusable Water Bottle!

Over the years, it has become commonplace to see our friends and family make an effort to carry their reusable water bottles with them wherever they go. When people leave their homes, no longer...