Climate Anxiety Webinar

The current global crisis has many of us feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, fear, and disorientation. Many of us understand that the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent consequences of it are inextricably linked to our treatment of the Earth. Before COVID-19, we felt the grief that comes with devastating climate change. Now, we integrate this grief simultaneously with the grief of mass illness.

Something that keeps us together here at the NEC is our commitment to community and to one another. Our Mindful Monday tip this week is an invitation to an Interactive Webinar on Climate Anxiety Support.

Join Environmental Protection Information Center: EPICFriends of the Eel RiverHumboldt Baykeeper, and the Northcoast Environmental Center on Tuesday, May 5 from 7 – 8 PM for a special discussion with HSU Professor Sarah Ray, author of the new book, “A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety: How to Keep Your Cool on a Warming Planet,” to learn how to become a more resilient person and a more effective activist. Register for the online webinar today!

Chapter Themes Include:
— How to identify the signs and symptoms of climate anxiety, and where they come from;
— Finding your place in the climate movement;
— Parsing journalism and sensational media representations of environmental crises;
— Resisting the urge to argue and be “right”;
— Allowing yourself to have fun and experience joy despite the state of things.

We hope to see you there and that you are staying safe, healthy, and well resourced.

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