M I N D F U L ☼ M O N D A Y S: The Light at the End of the Climate Anxiety Tunnel

Let‘s talk about climate anxiety… and what we can do about it.

NEC staff are excited to share a new book release by HSU Professor Sarah Ray, “A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety: How to Keep Your Cool on a Warming Planet.”

Drawing on a decade of experience leading and teaching in college environmental studies programs, Sarah Jaquette Ray has created an “existential tool kit” for the climate generation. Combining insights from psychology, sociology, social movements, mindfulness, and the environmental humanities, Ray explains why and how we need to let go of eco-guilt, resist burnout, and cultivate resilience while advocating for climate justice. A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety is the essential guidebook for the climate generation—and perhaps the rest of us—as we confront the greatest environmental threat of our time.

I’ve personally never read a book that resonated so deeply as ‘The Field Guide to Climate Anxiety.’ Professor Ray pinpoints the exact emotional struggles facing young environmentalists as we look at a bleak future and feel at a loss for hope or real-world solutions. This book is the light at the end of the tunnel I didn’t even realize I needed. I’m excited to reshape the way I share environmental news as an environmental activist, and inspired to change my relationship with environmental guilt and begin fostering hope for the future.

– Chelsea Pulliam, NEC Outreach Coordinator & EcoNews Graphic Designer

You can support local bookstores by buying the book at Eureka Books or Northtown Books.

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