CNPS Events & Happenings

Vistors browse CNPS’s spring Native Plant Sale. Submitted photo.

Plant Sale

Shoppers with their lists made use of informative signs and enjoyed the huge array of native plants during the Native Plant Sale at the chapter’s nursery at Freshwater Farms Reserve of the Northcoast Regional Land Trust on May 4 and 5. Photo: Gura Lashlee.
If you missed the plant sale…

A selection of our chapter-grown native plants is available to buy every day, 12 noon-6 p.m., at the Kneeland Glen Farm Stand at Freshwater Farms Reserve, 5851 Myrtle Ave. (near Three Corners Market). If you don’t see what you want there, you can ask if we have it by contacting us at

Giant purple wakerobin. Submitted photo.


Prior Field Trips

Giant purple wakerobin (Trillium kurabayashii) under the winter-bare alders along Horse Linto Creek and giant white wakerobin (Trillium albidum) on the road bank under oaks. These and western trillium (Trillium ovatum) were seen on a field trip March 24 to Horse Linto Campground in Six Rivers National Forest north of Willow Creek.

Oak woodlands field trip participants lunch under the trees. Submitted photo.

April field trip attendees enjoyed lunch in the vernal greenery under a deciduous oak. One condition that creates prairies among the woodlands and forest is land that doesn’t sit still long enough for trees to grow. The undulating hillsides showed this instability.


Used Botanical Book Sale

At our September evening program we will be selling used, botanical books! Everything priced to sell, proceeds benefit the chapter. If you have books to contribute, ready for the next person to enjoy, contact Carol at or 707-822-2015.

Field Trips & Plant Walks

June 2, Sunday. 1-3 p.m. Wildflowers on Hikshari’ Trail. Join us on Eureka’s Hikshari’ Trail to see wildflowers, both native and non-native. Blue-eyed grass, yarrow, twinberry, Douglas iris, and the rare Humboldt Bay owl’s-clover will be in bloom along this 3/4-mile section of the trail. Experienced interpreter, gardener, and Hikshari’ Volunteer Trail Steward Coordinator Wanda Naylor will point out what is native and what is not and why we care. Meet at the Elk River Slough Parking area at the end of Hilfiker St., Eureka, a few blocks south of Bayshore Mall. Rain or shine. Children welcome when accompanied by an adult. For more information call 707-502-5793.

June 9, Sunday. 1-3 p.m. Grass Appreciation Walk with Claire Brown. Grass flowers are intricate and beautiful, especially when you learn where to look. Get your grass in gear and join us for a slow walk to learn to recognize and appreciate our local grasses. Grass anatomy, terminology, and ecology will be discussed and admired, and species encountered identified. Meet at Arcata Marsh parking lot at the end of I Street. For information write Claire:

June 14-16, Friday-Sunday. Four Lakes in the Klamath Mountains Field Trip. Our all-day hike will be on Saturday from Fish Lake near Orleans to Blue Lake via Red Mountain Lake, about 4 miles. Friday and Sunday additions will visit Divide Lake and possibly Onion Lake. We will camp at Fish Lake Campground of Six Rivers National Forest, or lodging is available in Orleans area. Tell Carol if you are interested: or 707-822-2015.

July 12-14, Friday-Sunday. Scott Mt. and Trinity Alps Field Trip. Our all-day hike Saturday will be into the Trinity Alps (possibilities are Tangle Blue Lake, Stoddard Lake, Swift Creek Trail, or Lake Eleanor). Friday and Sunday additions will be in the Scott Mt. area. We will camp at Scott Mountain Campground, or lodging is available in Trinity Center or Weaverville. Tell Carol if you are interested in all or part: or 707-822-2015.