Coastal Cleanup End-of-Month Prizes

This Saturday is the last Saturday to participate in Coastal Cleanup Day and the last opportunity to win one of the four prize categories that will be announced at the end of the event. To be entered into to win one of these prizes all you have to do is fill out our Cleanup Results Reporting Form.


The four prizes are as follows:

1. Largest Item Removed: Humboldt Distillery Gift Basket generously donated by @HUMBOLDTDISTILLERY which includes spiced rum, vodka, stickers, t-shirt, reusable bag, reusable straw, pen and coasters.



2. Most Pieces Picked Up: Pen & Pine tote bag, reusable utensils, stainless steel straw and cleaner, two stainless steel tupperware and beeswax wrap.



3. Most Frequent Volunteer: Beeswax wrap, Zero Waste Cookbook, and reusable cloth sponge all donated by @PLAZADESIGN plus a reusable jar and produce bags.



4. Best Photo Submitted: Handmade basket, reusable cloth sponges, reusable shopping bag, Clean Green book and reusable produce bags.