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Zero Waste Coastal Cleanup Day
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Saturday September 19, 2020

Thanks to all who came out for the 2019 Zero Waste Coastal Cleanup Day!

Zero Waste Coastal Cleanup Day statistics by Ivy Munnerlyn

As you can see in this graphic, the top five items found on Humboldt County beaches during the 2019 ZW CCD were cigarette butts, plastic pieces, food wrappers, glass pieces and foam pieces. There was also a number of syringes and plastic bottles found. Individuals can make a big difference by avoiding these items in their daily life.

As longtime NEC supporters know, Coastal Cleanup Day had its humble beginnings right here in Humboldt County as a program of the NEC. Now international, the event is celebrated worldwide and is the single largest volunteer event in support of the marine environment. With your help, over 1,000 Humboldt County Coastal Cleanup Day volunteers remove about two tons of trash and recyclables from our beaches, rivers, bay and estuaries this year. Coupled with efforts throughout the state and around the world, Coastal Cleanup Day makes a quantitative difference in how much trash enters our ocean.

The Northcoast Environmental Center coordinated 40+ cleanups throughout Humboldt County—requiring an immense amount of staff time and community coordination.  Many thanks to all our cleanup volunteers, and site captains—many of whom come back to help year after year!


Why a Zero Waste Coastal Cleanup Day? 

This year, we’re taking beach cleanups back to the basics and reframing them to be the educational tools that they are meant to be. At the rate that the plastics issue is growing globally—and now with the recognition that plastics production and use are contributing to climate change—we recognize that in order to really make a difference we must work together to stop pollution at its source.

This is why the NEC is taking a stand against single-use plastics and reframing Humboldt County’s Coastal Cleanup Day. This year our focus will be on educating the public about the difference that every individual has the power to make. We will no longer be accepting single-use plastic bags or single-use gloves for our cleanups. We will also be taking a stand against the corporate plastic water bottle companies that sponsor cleanups to green wash their public image.

In our first year hosting a completely Zero Waste Coastal Cleanup Day, we are figuring out how to support local businesses while avoiding adding to the waste stream through our cleanups. We are asking that our participants bring their own cleanup supplies (such as gloves, buckets, pickers, etc.) if they have access to them. For those who do not have access to cleanup supplies, we will be lending out bags and buckets that have been generously donated by the North Coast Co-op, CNPS, and Redwood Curtain Brewery for our cleanup efforts. We will also be lending out reusable garden gloves, courtesy of Pierson Building Center, to interested parties to eliminate the use of disposable single-use gloves. Last, but certainly not least, we will be using thrifted t-shirts to print our very own Coastal Cleanup Day art by local artist Mir De Silva!

Read more in an article from the Aug/Sep EcoNews.


How To Get Involved for 2020:

• Join an existing cleanup site! Fill out our volunteer form to be added to our Coastal Cleanup Day volunteer list, providing some basic information and site preferences. Our Coastal Cleanup coordinator Casey will be in touch with more information and connect you with your site captain. Sign up to volunteer here: www.yournec.org/coastalcleanupday/forms-signups/.

• Host a cleanup site! “Site captains” are the main points of contact for the cleanup teams at each site and are responsible for picking up the cleanup supplies and data forms from the NEC. If you would like to become a site captain, visit our website and fill out our online form at www.yournec.org/coastalcleanupday/forms-signups/.

• Sponsor Zero Waste Coastal Cleanup Day! Sponsor 2020 Coastal Cleanup Day by August 13 to have your business logo included on our posters, banners, and other media. Visit our website to learn more about the different levels of sponsorship, at www.yournec.org/coastalcleanupday/sponsors.

• Stand together to End Single Use Plastics! We are all consumers on this planet which means we all have an important role to play. If a product can’t be reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production!



For more information, call us at 707-822-6918 or email coastalcleanup@yournec.org

Graphic of 2019 Coastal Cleanud Day sponsor logos

At the NEC's Samoa Beach Zero Waste cleanup, we had 217 volunteers and cleaned over 1000 lbs of debris. Photo: Megan Bunday.
At the NEC’s Samoa Beach Zero Waste cleanup, we had 217 volunteers and cleaned over 1000 lbs of debris. Photo: Megan Bunday.

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