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Forms & Signups

Sign up for 2020 Zero Waste Coastal Cleanup Day!

If you are interested in joining a site that already has a site captain, simply indicate this interest on the sign-up form, or select a site of your choosing.  Cleanups are not limited to beaches! You may also sign up to clean up waterways, parks, or anywhere that needs a pickup!

Our Coastal Cleanup Day Coordinator will be in touch with further instructions, or you may email her with questions directly at Casey@yournec.org.

Thank you for helping us keep plastics and waste out of
our beaches and waterways!



Coastal Cleanup Testimonials

“97% of the earth’s water comes from our oceans. I believe that if lots of folks make a little effort to keep our oceans clean, we can make a difference. Cleaning our beaches gives us pleasure. I take our dog and grandsons to King Salmon. It’s a lovely small strand of the Pacific. When we go for our walks, we take our tongs and buckets. The kids are sooo proud of each piece of trash they find. It’s like a treasure hunt with benefits! And something very positive is, in the four years we’ve been combing King Salmon we have noticed a big drop in the amount of trash we pick up. Making a difference. ” – Jan Hawkes

“We’ve been cleaning the beach for over thirty years simply because it is so life affirming to care for the planet we live on!” – Carol Moné

Madison Peters, the NEC's Coastal Programs Coordinator, scowls at a plastic bottle cap found on a beach.
Madison Peters, NEC’s Coastal Programs Coordinator from 2015-2018, scowls at a plastic bottle cap found on a beach.

“I love the idea of participating in a united effort to care for our beaches and marine environment. Picking up trash is grubby work, but it’s important work, because there is so much trash (especially plastics and fishing gear) that is polluting our beaches and oceans and harming marine life. I’m thankful for organizations like NC that have stepped up to the plate to help organize this terrific event. I just wish everyday could be Coastal Clean-up Day!” – Kim Tays

“While not the solution to the problem, beach clean ups are something that the individual can do where they can make a difference and see positive results. When I first started with the NEC plastic bags hadn’t been banned yet and I would go out and find them everywhere on the beach, now we are finding them less and less! This goes to show that legislation and consumers demanding change from manufacturers can make the change happen. Our efforts cleaning up the beach help us show our representatives what and how much trash is showing up on our beaches so that we can make those changes.” – Madison Peters, NEC Coastal Programs Coordinator 2015-2018

For more information, call us at 707-822-6918 or email coastalcleanup@yournec.org