Community Creations: The Monster Project

The Monster Project has been supporting collaborations between artists for over 6 years. The outcome of these collaborations have been the creation of large-scale canvas paintings, costume designs, songs, poetry, paintings on panels, ceramic sculpture, dance, performance work, and outside installations. There are also no age limitations. The project is open to youth, adults, and elders. Some of the most exciting work and ongoing relationships that have come from the Monster Project have been intergenerational connections. An important component of the project is that both artists have an equal share in the idea and creation of their piece so there is no hierarchy or greater authority in the collaboration. The theme of Monster as the jumping off point for the collaborative work was chosen because of its great breadth and many interpretations. It incorporates not only creatures hidden in closets and under beds, but anything in life, as anything can be monstrous – fear, beauty, truth, nature, desire, our own inner struggles, other people. The collaborating artists explore their deepest humanness through their ideas of Monster.

“Corona Chaos” by Cicely Ames and Terry Torgeson. Text: Our planet is on fire. If we destroy our planet, we destroy ourselves!

This piece and many more can be viewed outdoors in the lot at the corner of G and 3rd Street in Eureka or at


Artists Collaborators:

Cicely Ames and Terry Torgeson

Title “Corona Chaos”

Medium: Acrylic paint on wood panel