Participate in the Regional Transportation Plan Update and Help Move Transportation Priorities Forward

 press release 


The way we choose to move ourselves through the community can have major impacts on the local economy, public health and our environment. That is why the Humboldt County Association of Governments (HCAOG), our Regional Transportation Planning Agency, is seeking input from residents on the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) update currently underway. The purpose of the RTP is to establish regional goals, identify present and future transportation needs and understand local deficiencies and constraints so that transportation investments can be proposed and fulfilled. 

HCAOG encourages all the public to participate in the RTP update, especially those who have traditionally been underserved by the transportation system that serves our region. By providing input on this important policy document, you will help prioritize spending on local transportation projects and programs.  HCAOG’s goal is to create strategies to increase mobility and accessibility for all modes of transportation, with safer and healthier outcomes for the whole community, especially the most vulnerable users: seniors, all pedestrians, youth, people with disabilities, bicyclists, and transit users. 

HCAOG invites the public to participate in several ways. There is a virtual Community Dialogue & Workshop on Monday, Sept. 13, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. (with Spanish translation available). This is an opportunity for residents to share transportation viewpoints and visions, and to discuss how we can best plan and meet short-term and long-term priorities. The public may also provide input by completing an online survey in English or Spanish.  

Whether you are most passionate about creating a robust public transit system, improving the state of our roads and bridges, increasing opportunities for active transportation, or delivering goods to local stores efficiently and reliably, your participation in this project will help influence Humboldt County’s transportation system to improve quality-of-life standards for all. To access the project survey or online meeting link, or to learn more, please visit the project website at