Community Resources

As a center for local grassroots conservation work, the NEC offers a variety of resources to the general community. These are offered for free or by donation by contacting the NEC office.

The Watershed Model

The watershed model is a miniature model of a Humboldt town—complete with cow pasture, businesses, and Humboldt Bay. By placing ‘pollutants’ and ‘sediment’ on the model, and then spraying it with ‘rain’, educators can use this tool to display the impacts of runoff and pollution on our watershed. Educators are welcome to rent the model for a week at a time for their classrooms or for broad presentations.


Staff of the NEC happily present by-request to local schools and civic groups. Presentations in the past have included information about our organization, Adopt-a-Beach, Adopt-a-Block, Coastal Cleanup Day, marine debris, the All Species Parade, or the watershed model. Email or call to arrange a presentation for your event, classroom, or board. We present based on staff availability and timing.

The EcoNews Archive & EcoNews

The EcoNews Archive is a database of past editions of EcoNews. By searching for a particular tag, topic, or title, you can find the editions of EcoNews that cover those items, which can then be used to research local environmental topics or regional history. Content from 2011-2017 is available on our Archive website at Prior content is only available at computers in the NEC office.

EcoNews has been recording regional environmental activism, events, and stories since 1971. The NEC keeps copies of all past editions of EcoNews in our office. This is a valuable resource for those looking to research local history, regional environmental news, or complete course projects on topics the NEC has covered in the past. All are welcome to come and review, or scan pages to review at home later.


The NEC has a long history of opening up our library to the community and its students. While much of the 30 years of library collections and archives were lost in the 2001 fire at our old office, we continue to offer books, movies, and Environmental Impact Reports for rent. We also have a collection of brochures and newsletters from local organizations, as well as plenty of information about our member groups. Our office is a great resource if you are looking for other groups to get involved in or learn more about.

Zero Waste Lending Library

Linen Library
We have cloth tablecloths, napkins, mason jars, and stemware to be used for zero waste events. Non-profits are able to use the supplies for free. Other entities are asked to donate $50. Please complete the NEC ZeroWaste Lending Form and call us at at 822-6918 or email to make a reservation. Check out the NEC Lending Library Google Calendar for availability.


Cleanup Supplies
If you are planning a cleanup event and would like to use our supplies please complete the NEC Cleanup Supplies Lending Form and call us at at 822-6918 or email to make a reservation. Check out the NEC Lending Library Google Calendar for availability.

You may borrow these items at no charge:

  • Pickers
  • 5-gallon buckets
  • Durable, reusable gloves
  • Repurposed large bags, to be used in place of trash bags
  • Sharps containers
  • Magnet sticks for nails
  • Bright Safety-vests
  • Chalkboard sign

Event & Presentation Props

Looking to host an event or presentation? The NEC can rent you some supplies you may need to make your activist event stand out. We have a plastic bag monster, masks from our All Species Parade, public lands umbrellas, cigarette sculptures made by our own volunteers, rally signs, banners, and other props from a history of demonstrations. Contact us for your photo-booth, rally, march, or educational presentation needs.

Volunteer hours

Looking to earn some volunteer hours? From distributing EcoNews to helping archive our history, there’s always plenty to do at the office. Email or call the office to arrange a time to come in and share your skills.