Craft for the Coast Winners

Congratulation to the four winners of Craft for the Coast!

  • People’s Choice Award: Pelicanteven
  • Best Upcycled Creation: Trash Trench
  • Best Litter Creation: The Cosmic Worm
  • Youth Award: Nail Urchin
Thank you to all the artists for your participation in this event. We were blown away by all of the incredible submissions we received. With your help and the community’s support we were able to fundraise $911 for the NEC’s marine debris and litter reduction programs!
“Pelicanteven.” Pelican sculpture consisting of wire, hose, brass, plastic bags & food wrap. 22 inches tall x 30 inches wide. Artist: Michael B. Rude.
“Trash Trench.” This is a trench coat covered in litter and reused household trash, weighing heavily on the wearer. Artist: Shasta Werthman – I am focused on creating wearable pieces in the literal theme “The Weight of our Waste.” I would love viewers to consider the sheer poundage of the garbage created in every purchase made in our consumerist society, not only in packaging but in products which are made to have a short lifespan.
Nail Urchin.” Urchin made from nails cleaned up from pallet bonfires at Mad River Beach. Artist: Xander Whiteman – I was inspired by my art class with Ms. Bourque at Sunny Brae Middle School; South Coast Tours owner, Dave Lacey, who first told us about sea star wasting and the urchin barrens in kelp forests; and the PacOut Green Team 60 minute clean up at Mad River Beach. I have always wanted to help clean up our community and protect animals.
“The Cosmic Worm.” A small hand held puppet made from items found on the streets , in gutters or grassy edges of avenues, over a couple year period . gathering these random discards, lost or scattered on purpose made into a puppet called the cosmic worm. Artist: Sean Powers has lived in Humboldt County since 1989, artist, musician, what ever comes his way. Interested the most in shadow puppetry but has held the strings on many different kinds of puppets, including the shadow puppet characters about Arcata and it’s bizarre lifestyles and personalities, called Humboldt shadows. is a site to check out.