?Creature Feature: BK Toy?

Creature Feature: Plastic Free July Edition

Today’s creature was found on Agate beach and none of our volunteers have seen anything like it before. After consulting with the experts and some internet sleuthing it appears that this creature originates from the Burger King Franchise.

Dating back to 1990, this creature is approximately 30 years old and just starting to show its age. It has been discovered that in an attempt to compete with its competitor, Burger King began handing out these creatures to children to accompany their fast food meal.

Much to the creatures dismay, they were often only enjoyed for minutes at a time then tossed away as a single-use object, sometimes even winding up in the ocean as we see here. If you’re looking to find a vintage Burger King creature of your own, head on out to the beach and keep your eyes peeled. You never know what you might find.

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