Creature Feature: Gopher Snakes

🐍 Gopher snakes are a common sight all over the Western half of the US. There are many subspecies of this beautiful reptile, including the Pacific Gopher Snake (Pituophis catenifer catenifer) which you can find right here in Humboldt! Don’t go searching for them in the Redwoods, though…they like to hang out in dry meadows and agricultural areas.

If a gopher snake feels threatened, it might hiss and shake it’s tail like a rattlesnake. But don’t worry! These guys aren’t venomous and will generally not approach humans. These snakes are often found near roads and houses, making them one of the most familiar reptiles to many people.

PC: J. Maughn on Flickr.
Sources: Wikipedia – Pacific gopher snake – gophersnakes