Creature Feature: Huckleberry

Huckleberry – Vaccinium ovatum – vou’gul (Wiyot)

“Huckleberry” is the common name for many different species of berry. The kind found in redwood forests are known as “evergreen huckleberries”.

Huckleberries are in the Ericaceae family, which also includes blueberries and manzanita.

You can find evergreen huckleberries in forested areas among the ferns and snowberries. They will often grow out of the stumps of logged old-growth redwood trees.

Huckleberries are edible and delicious, but remember to leave some for the animals!

Sources: Wikipedia – Vaccinium ovatum; Photos – James Gaither and Julie on Flickr

Image Description: The first slide shows a close up of a small huckleberry branch with ripe and unripe berries. The leaves are serrated and shiny, and the fruit is small and dark blue, like a blueberry. The second shows the information, with a picture of a harvested huckleberry fruit in the background.