Creature Feature: Long Tailed Weasel

This week’s creature feature is the long tailed weasel (Neogale frenata), or Tsougulhayughunu’ru’ in the Wiyot language.

The long tailed weasel is a charming but fierce predator, snacking primarily on rodents and other small mammals.

Weasels are part of the “Mustelid” family, which includes badgers, otters, martens, and ferrets.

Long tailed weasels have two different coats: In summer, they are brown with a white face and pale belly. In the winter, they transition to an all-white coat (except the tip of their tail, which is always black).

This species typically makes its den in abandoned chipmunk burrows. Their young develop rapidly, and can leave the burrow and eat meat before their eyes open.

Sources: Wikipedia – long tailed weasel
Photos: Robin Agarwal and Jacob McGinnis on Flickr

Image description: The first slide shows a picture of a cute but wily weasel standing on a wooden plank, with an exclamation mark over their head for flair. The names of the animal run below the image over an orange background. The second slide shows an image of a weasel standing on their hind legs, showcasing this species’ long, sleek body.