Creature Feature: Northwest Forest Scorpion

Northwest Forest Scorpion (Uroctonus mordax). Source: Thomas Shahan, Flikr Creative Commons

These shy arachnids are one of several scorpions native to the Pacific Northwest, and can be found under logs or rocks. Scorpions are usually very tricky to find, so if you really want to see one you’ll have to do a lot of searching! Scorpions, spiders, and millipedes will all glow bright blue-green under a black light, so if you really want to see one of these elusive creatures, a black light flashlight can help! The Northwest Forest Scorpion can sting, but it’s venom isn’t powerful enough to harm a human. They’d much sooner play dead or scurry away than pick a fight!

Source: Ken-ichi Ueda, Flikr Creative Commons