Creature Feature: Steller’s Jay

Steller’s Jay (Cyanocitta stelleri) is an unmistakable denizen of Humboldt County’s forests. They can be easily identified by their loud squawking, unique plumage, and inquisitive attitude. Like other jays, the Steller’s Jay is a smart and curious bird that loves backyard feeders (especially when peanuts are on the menu). They can even convincingly mimic the sounds of other birds, humans, and machine noises.
Steller’s Jays occupy a huge range spanning from Southern Alaska to Nicaragua. However, you won’t find these birds in the Eastern half of the United States–that’s the domain of a close relative, the Blue Jay. Fortunately, Steller’s Jay populations are healthy and growing. You can see more of these charismatic birds on a hike through the forest, at a campsite, or at your backyard bird feeder. They especially like sunflower seeds, whole peanuts, and suet!
Photo: Nicole Beaulac on Flickr
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