Creature Feature: The Spotted Triopha – Meet Your Local Nudibranch

🐾Welcome to the NEC’s weekly Creature Feature!🐾
For today’s creature feature we have a Spotted Triopha (Triopha maculata). Triophas are a species of sea slug called nudibranchs. They’re fairly common in our local tidepools but this color variation comes far and few between. On rare occasions Spotted Triopha can grow up to seven inches long but on average they only grow up to two inches. The one pictured is approximately three inches long.
If you’re interested in finding some nudibranchs of your own, take a little trip down to our rocky shores! Remember, it takes a good low tide to see these fellas so be sure to check the tides. Understanding a tide chart is an important part of being a savvy beach goer. Learn more by googling our local tide charts or downloading an app.
Always be aware of the waves and look, but do not touch your tidepool friends. Understanding the ocean and the creatures within is an important part of loving and protecting our valuable coastal ecosystem. So, grab your social distance buddies, go do some exploring and don’t forget to snag a few pieces of trash along the way!
Photo taken in Trinidad tide pools by NEC’s Coastal Programs Coordinator, Casey Cruikshank.
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