Creature Feature: Thimbleberry

It’s that time of year…trailside snacks are appearing on berry bushes all over Humboldt county! Blackberries, salmonberries, and thimbleberries are popping out of the foliage, with huckleberries right around the corner. Today we’ll take a look at thimbleberries (Rubus pariflorus), which are known as Kerhper’ in the Yurok language. Thimbleberries are close relatives of raspberries and look very similar. However, the berries are too delicate to sell commercially and are best enjoyed fresh or made into a quick jam. Remember to leave plenty for the wildlife! Campers and backpackers know the leaves of the thimbleberry bush well–they make a good substitute for toilet paper!

Sources: Wikipedia – Thimbleberry
Photo Credit: Frank Fujimoto and Sound Native Plants on Flickr