Creature Feature: White-and-Orange-Tipped Nudibranch

White-and-Orange-Tipped Nudibranch (Antiopella fusca)
Photo Credit: Casey Cruikshank, NEC’s Coastal Programs Coordinator

🐾Welcome to the NEC’s weekly Creature Feature!🐾

The White-and-Orange-Tipped Nudibranch (Antiopella fusca) is a semi translucent species of nudibranch. If you’re unfamiliar with nudibranchs they’re small sea slugs that can often be found in the intertidal zone.

One of the Antiopella’s well known predators is the Navanax, another species of nudibranch. The Navanax tracks the slime of the Antiopella by using their chemoreceptors. If the Antiopella is about to be caught, it rolls into a ball so it can be passively rolled away from the predator.

This photo was taken by Nec’s Coastal Programs Coordinator, Casey Cruikshank, in Trinidad tide pools.

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